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Hi folks,

Just so you know.

I am in the process of "persuading" Live-eviL to pick up The Trapp Family Story. A series from Nippon Animation in 1991.

For the uninitiated it's based on the same story that the Sound Of Music was based on and so you'll be able to experience the joy and laughter of seeing Maria and Vonn Trapp children all over again.

Of course Maria sings in this version too so expect lot's of nice songs :D:D:D:D

So far I have the first DVD(the official Bandai Visual ones not the bootlegs >_>)

This will be the first series that I'll be attempting translation on. The Japanese have full Japanese subtitles so it makes it easier for me as my listening skills are still not all that great.

Episode 1 is already translated by yours truly and waiting timing/editing/tl check. The OP/ED are well in to typesetting.

As I'm writing this I'm about 10 minutes in to translating Episode 2.

It's just a bit slow gowing transcribing the subs off the DVD so I can look up words in JWCPE but I'm getting there.

Well look forward to it =D


I can assure you that this series will not suffer the same fate as 3,000 Leagues as I own the DVD's and I'm doing primary translation =D (big hint to a certain someone to get their ass in gear)

Hey, Gum, I was wondering, once an anime is licensed....can u get the DVDs and fansub from them?  I mean once u own the DVDs, u can use them for least thats what u seem to be doing with this new series u have picked up.  Then even with Tsubasa, once it gets licensed, can't u just get the DVDs from Japan, and DVD rip and sub them and post them like that?  I mean it's ur DVD, u can do whatever u want with them...or is that some kind of piracy? Personally I don't understand why these ppl dub's a business most of us don't care about...I mean most of us dislike dubbings...dubs just suck.  Changed dialogues, music, names, practically changes the story!  And the horrible western dubbing cast...well I don't blame them....western and Japanese voices and way of speaking is a lot different.  And dubbers seem to always 'Americanize' (I created this word I guess) the series...lolz

And I watched this series (The Trapp Familt Story) many times a long time ago, it's nothing special but it's nice and I am sure kids would like it...I mean many of us like classics.  But u seem to be already lagging behind with ur other projects, why bother about picking up a new show just now? 

Didn't you read my other post? -.-

Funimation has cleaned up their act in recent times. Yeah they might dub it BUT THERE WILL BE A LEGITIMATE NON HACKED UP SUBTITLED VERSION when they release the DVD's.

I know this myself. I thought they were going to hack Galaxy Railways to pieces but they didn't. So don't go flying accusations at Funimation till you have actually bought/watched some of their Region 1 Discs.

And to answer your question, just because you own a DVD doesnt give you the right to fansub from it. Fansubbing from a Region 2 DVD would just be as bad as ripping a region 1 dvd.

And to answer your other point - the projects that lag are the ones where Tofu plays a major role in it eg translates/encodes it.  ;D ;D ;D

Any project that *I* play a leading role in does not :P


Okay so Trapp Family never got licensed?  I thought these World Masterpiece theatre stuff get lots of attention...hmmm.  But I suppose u get the right to sub because it's not licensed, right?  Anyway, I just wanted to say, I can't purchase DVDs because I can't afford them from the low income country I live in so I can only manage to watch the dubs on TV (by the way, Tsubasa Season 1 dub is being showed on Animax Asia now)...and thats what I am frustrated about because although I myself got to watch the original thing....I don't want the others here who will be watching it on Animax to watch some stupid dub with unmatched voices.  And personally I don't get why Animax always cuts out the opening and ending theme song parts...they're very important in an anime.

Actually dubs are only good for detective series...because the series are normally famous for the story and the dialogues, which is normally unchanged with detective stories.  So the only dubbed anime I could say I enjoyed was Detective Academy Q.  Midori no Hibi was also good...and I wish they left the kuns, chans, and sans there...which they never do...and get me confused.

Anyway, good luck with Trapp Family.  Can u tell me why every single project Tofusensei is working on seems to be lagging behind?  Currently, is he doing Tsu 29 and 30 or focusing on the other series that are lagging behind even more?

World Masterpiece Theatre got plenty of attention in the Middle East / Asian Countries but it never made it to US/UK shores.

To the best of my knowledge there has never been a legitimate license for World Masterpiece Theatre series in the UK / US (I'm not talking about bootleg VCD's here) unless you have information to the contrary?

PS does the Tsubasa DVD's for $54 a pop and they do free shipping to a lot of the Asian countries or very very low cost.


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