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I was wondering if you could make 1 big batch torrent of all your released Yawara episodes. I am trying to download them from but most of the small 4-5 episode torrents dont have any seeders. And it would be a lot easier to find 1 or 2 people to seed 1 big torrent than 1 or 2 people to seed each batch torrent.

People have different mileage on that one. Some people people prefer the idea of 700mb chunk size torrents compared to a large one because they can burn to cd after completing each one. Anyhow regardless, my server doesnt have the the diskspace to seed a 20GB+ torrent cos it only has 10GB storage space INCLUDING the operating system. Also I doubt there would be anyone of us willing to seed a 13GB torrent off our home connection..well I know I wouldnt cos my ISP has usage restrictions and I'd rather keep spare bandwidth for uploading new fansubs rather than seeding huge massive torrents.

However...if someone volunteers to actually seed such a large torrent I would be willing to put the torrent up on scarywater but Live-eviL would take no responsibility if that seeder vanished at 99% leaving you dangling within sight of the finishing line XD


well, I've put the torrents I got active for episode 31 to 48...if that helps any.

Ok I downloaded eps 1-40 in the small torrent packs (scarywater dosent seem to show all the seeders/leechers that are connected to a torrent on there site.) It took a while to get em almost 5 days. I have been trying to get 40,41,42,43 and I am connecting to no one I have had them running for almost a day and still at 0% in most of them so I was wondering if you could put them into a torrent batch like you did for  the others :)

54/55 released already!  56 coming soon!


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