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This thread is used for specific documents, web captures, etc.  Each document is preceeded by own short commentary noting it's importance and/or context.

None of these documents are in any way 'private'.  All were avaliable to the public at some time. 

These documents are of 'historical' quality and are provided for educational purposes under the 'fair use' clause of copyright law.

The a-f-a (anime fansub alliance) charter.  Useful in at least two ways.

1) Some of the active groups in existance 16 January 2001.

2) Devilray's own telling of the "Kinkin" affair.

       :Best Viewed In NOTEPAD:
    __|_____ _________________________________________________________|__
      |                                                              .|
     _:          _ ___ _________      -         A - F - A      -   .::|______________
    |                 .__                   _____                          ___.      |
    |   _____    ____ |__| _____   ____   _/ ____\____    ____   ________ _\_ |__    |
    |   \__  \  /    \|  |/     \_/ __ \  \   __\\__  \  /    \ /  ___/  |  \ __ \   |
    |    / __ \|   |  \  |  Y Y  \  ___/   |  |   / __ \|   |  \\___ \|  |  / \_\ \  |
    |   (____  /___|  /__|__|_|  /\___  >  |__|  (____  /___|  /____  >____/|___  /  |
    |        \/     \/         \/     \/              \/     \/     \/          \/   |
    |                  .__  .__  .__                                    |
    |         _____  |  | |  | |__|____    ____   ____  ____          |
    |         \__  \ |  | |  | |  \__  \  /    \_/ ___\/ __ \         |
    |          / __ \|  |_|  |_|  |/ __ \|   |  \  \__\  ___/         |
    |         (____  /____/____/__(____  /___|  /\___  >___  >         |
    |              \/                  \/     \/     \/    \/         |
    |_|_________________________________________________________ _____|______________|
      |                                                               |
      |- Anime-Fansub-Alliance: Revision               |
      |____________________________________________________________ __|___
    - --- Why is there a revision? ---------------------------------------->

    I don't think Anime-Fansubs and Animefactory are taking the A-F-A
    seriously so there must be a revision made, becuase there is some
    stuff that must be said.

    - --- Stuff that should be said --------------------------------------->

    Well i'm not sure most of you have heard of AHLP (AnimeHelp). I believe
    that's where all the fansub wars have started. Sadly I was part of this
    this group, and listein'd to what my leader told me (kinkin). I regret
    being part of this group everday ;-(. There's a lot of stuff people don't
    know about AHLP.

    1. Kinkin made several lies to people which, pardon my language but pissed
    them off. These ended up making me look stupid cause i had no idea of the 
    truth. The 1st time would be with ADX (AnimeDivx) (EFNET). She ooops I
    mean he lol, caused some trouble with Hansolo and Satoshi. Kinkin lied
    to us about what was really going on, later on i found out Kinkin was
    being a racist s.o.b =(. This is something I don't tolerate in my group
    but that doesnt have much to do with the A-F-A :-). I never found this out
    until much later on so i ended up standing up for Kinkin, because they made
    some comments in korean, and I took Kinkin's word for it. This was really
    bad for my image. Im sure this caused MANY groups to hate me ;-(.
    2. Well this is just another example of Kinkin lie'ng to us which caused
    me to discover Kinkin was just a liar, and I made some horrible mistakes
    and comments ;-(. Kinkin lied about being female, yes its pretty sick he
    did this to attract more people to AHLP. YUCK! I later found this out from
    an annonymous person in AHLP. This is about the time I left AHLP, but by
    that time I guess, it was just too late. People thought i was on Kinkin's
    side and i was what people would call a "AHLP LAMER" :-). It's been brought
    up several times that I was in AHLP and it was used against me, when infact
    AHLP is now known as "AVN (AnimeProject) and (AnimeVision)."  This is why
    I left to start my own group. I guess I can only hope for forgiveness, but
    it seems A-F and AF just dont listein or care :(. Well i guess the most i
    can do is just apologize and hope for the best.

    Although there is just one thing I was wondering. I was chatting on EliteOrbit
    when i ran into "GQWU", since when does he represent or speak for A-F and AF.
    From what he said you are going to sabatoge us, or give us some sort of trouble
    to put an end to us. I take this to be a rude comment, but I dont believe it.

    - --- What is the A-F-A? ----------------------------------------------->

    The A-F-A is the "Anime-Fansub-Alliance". It is designed to bring the groups
    together, and repair the damage that was done in the past amongst all the groups,
    and make them a 'whole'. It's also to protect the copyrights of licensed anime.

     - --- Basic Outline --------------------------------------------------->

    - One group will not call one anothers fansub 'TRASH' if they believe they
    can do a better job then, they can redo the episode, based on what they believe
    is right.

    - A group will not sub an anime that is licensed.
    - If a group has a problem with another group they will meet PRIVATE'ly and
   instead of talking trash in ones channel, nfo, or topic they will work out their
   problems with one another.

     - --- Main Ideas ------------------------------------------------------->

     - --- Re-Subtitling Episodes ---------------<>
     If a group feels that another group could have done a better job; then they can
     go forth and redo the episode. This does not mean if a group just wants to resub
     the episode just so they can FLOOD everyone with their version, just so they can
     be heard from. It's in the groups descretion whether, or not they should re-sub
     the episode.

     - --- Subbing Licensed Anime ---------------<>

     This does not seem to be a problem with most groups, but some are doing illegal
     subs. They are subtitling titles such as: Steel Angel or Ayashi no Ceres. These
     series have been licensed by Viz Video (C) . AnimeFacotry is all about the A-F-A. When
     CFG was licensed by Bandai (C) they removed it from their site and stopped further dis-
     - --- Flaming, Bashing, ETC. ---------------<>
     Group fights are a big problem and have not been taken seriously, so thats the reason
     why I made a revision of the A-F-A.

     - --- Signatures -------------------------------------------------------->

     I'm hoping the following groups agree to the A-F-A and make it possible:

     Main Groups:
     AnimeMpeg: ----X----
     Anime-Fansubs:  ---------
     Anime Factory:  ---------
     HQA:  ---------
     Anime-Heaven: ---------
     Elite-Fansubs: ----X----
      --------- = Not Signed
      ----X---- = Signed

      As of: Tuesday, January 16th, 2001
      All of the groups above are the main anime-fansub groups. If these groups
      agree to it then possibly the smaller groups will get to sign it also.

     - --- Final Statement ---------------------------------------------------->

      - Thank you for taking the time to read the A-F-A, if any of you from the
      groups listed above agree and wish to sign this please contact me a.s.a.p.

    - -----------[ --------- A-F-A 'anime-fansub-alliance' -----]------------------>
            Written by Devilray: Tuesday, January 16th, 2001

Late in 2003 the frontpage was changed to an editorial by the alleged web-provider.  Shortly after, the editorial was taken down and replaced with this:

The editorial:

While the writer spends most of (her) time talking about a personal problem (she) had with an elite-fansubs member, certain other information and/or schemes can be taken from it, like (her) talk on distro and the like. 

"As it happens, devilray decided to break up the happy distro channel family due to file leaks.� He makes a preposterous 3 tier distro plan.� He puts TinyOne into his Tier 2 distro channel."


A capture of the elite-fansubs webpage (no images) on or about 08-October-2001.

1) The first news item is the message I reference in my 'history of fansubbing' posts.

2) The second news item "We are almost approaching our 1-year anniversary, within in that time period we have accomplished more than any other group..." indicates that elite-fansubs has, as of the time, been around for almost a year.  That would mean they were officially around in late 2000. 


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