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11/20/2009 Unfortunately the pig passed away a few weeks ago.  Please stop calling his Skype.  The other pigs have no association with the group so they do not want to be contacted about group-related matters.  You will be advised when the group finds a new mascot and leader. 

Frequently Asked Questions for the Pig.

1) How do I contact the pig?

2) What are the pig's duties in the group?

3) He's not answering.  How do I get the pig to answer my question?  He didn't give me the answer I wanted, what else can I do to convince him?

4) Why is the pig not releasing [a series]?  What is he waiting for?

5) How can I help out?

6) Where is the pigcam page?

1) How do I contact the pig?

There are a number of ways to contact him. 

If he's around (check the pigcam) and not already on Skype, you can call him on Skype.  If you want immediate assistance or help, this is the way to go.

If you don't want immediate assistance or he is not around, posting here is the best way.  Please check the existing threads for answers before posting or starting a new thread.

2) What are the pig's duties in the group?

Since he is the cutest member, the pig is the group icon and mascot. 

The pig, using a number of experts avaliable to him (an astrologer, a feng-shui master, etc.) keeps track of which releases are finalized and ready to be released, and decides when to release them according to the expert's determination of a good time for release.

He can designate series for possible digisubbing by the group.  This does not mean the series will be done, it just means that members may consider doing it if he approves of the series in the first place.

In the event he is challenged by another group's icon / mascot, he will defend his title as the cutest and best mascot.

3) He's not answering.  How do I get the pig to answer my question?  He didn't give me the answer I wanted, what else can I do to convince him?

On Skype, yelling can help, especially if he is far away from the speaker (check the pigcam). 

You can send him gifts to gain his favor and/or influence his decisions.  He is especially fond of food (fresh vegetables), things to chew on, or nice shiny things.

If you have a pig of your own, or a bunny, a chinchilla, or the like, and are in the area, your animal can meet with him.  No ferrets, kittens, or small dogs. 

4) Why is the pig not releasing [a series]?  What is he waiting for?

The pig decides whether or not the time is right for a release based on his consultations with any number of experts avaliable to him.  This includes an astrologer, a feng-shui master, and from time to time a zen master and an internet polling and public opinion firm.  You are free to make suggestions, but he has ample advisors with which to help him make his decision.  Do not antagonize, threaten, or try to coerce the pig in his decision (though, as before, gifts are always welcome).  Keep in mind that he shares the common goal of making every Live-eviL release a sucess and one that is well-received by the fans.


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