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Okay guys thought since SSX is a new series, we should have a MASTER THREAD for it.  ;D So got this one up. Feel free to discuss any SSX related stuff here. Episode 1 was successfully released on Friday. Here is the post from the front page.

--- Quote ---Here it is folks! Harlock is back and he means business!

This violent and exciting series takes place right after the movie “My Youth in Arcadia”. You don’t have to have seen the movie to get up to speed. Harlock kicks major a$$ and the Arcadia sports a new look in this newer, more polished Matsumoto series.

Haven’t seen all of Harlock 1978 yet? Don’t worry. This series is in a completely different timeline and has NO RELATION WHATSOEVER. Watch it and enjoy. Both Harlock projects will continue as planned.

File info:

Size: 182933504
CRC: 25A1D57F
MD5: e2af40f4c962e8287abf522483c4bc76

Get it from BitTorrent or the L-E|Matsumoto bot in our IRC channel,

Thanks for watching,

--- End quote ---


retrograde inversion:
Oh, how I wish I were eating rice that's burnt at the bottom... but nooooo........

I just gotta thank you guys SO MUCH for doing this series!!!  I have been wanting to see a translation of this since I first saw the raws for it back in 1987!  I never thought I would see this day.  You guys are AWESOME!!!   :-*

Kudos to L-E Matsumoto!  :D


anime lover:
Can anyone share OST of this Harlock Series? ???


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