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The PigCam page is here:
Information will be posted to this thread.


1) Where is the pig?  All I see is an empty cage?
He is probably outside his cage.  All you can do is wait.

2) Where are the other Cams?
They will be added to the page once they are fully up and running.

3) Did the pig change color?  Why is he black?
The black pig is his buddy or friend.  The black pig is shyer so he is not seen as often.

4) Whoa!  The pig is ******* his friend!
This is normal behavior for the pig.

5) The pig is doing 2 different things / in 2 different places at once?
The Cams do not update at the same time.  In some cases, there can be a significant delay, around half a minute, between one cam updating and another.

6) One of the Cams is dead!  But the others are working fine.  I got a 'broken image' icon on my web browser!
Generally, if one cam is working, they are all working.  There is a very small chance you can get this problem due to the way the Cams refresh.  Just reload the page and it should work fine. 

Just so no one is surprised, here is a picture of his buddy / friend.

Added the upper cage camera, there is also a yard camera but it seems to be malfunctioning at the moment, hopefully it will be fixed by tommorow.

YardCam works now also, added to the page.


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