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IRC Rules! (Full and Final) - A README
« on: October 08, 2006, 10:51:17 pm »
-------------------READ THIS BEFORE LEECHING-------------------
When you're in our IRC channel #live-evil, follow these rules:

1) OPs are the power so respect them.

2) NO
a) @find/xdcc list
b) serving licensed stuff
c) serving mp3s
d) msging ops with xdcc lists
e) msging ops without prior permission
f) asking about release dates

3) To get bot list, type !list.

4)Do not ask stupid questions.
5) Do not ask where to get licensed materials.
6) Do not ask where to obtain raws.
7) Do not insult any of our shows.
8) Do not come to L-E looking for a translator for a project even if you offer a joint.

8) Stay here, behave yourself and enjoy.

Good Luck,  ;)

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