Should LLE stand for Losers of Live-evil?

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yes i am sure
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Author Topic: Should LLE stand for Losers of Live-evil?  (Read 8483 times)

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Re: Should LLE stand for Losers of Live-evil?
« Reply #15 on: November 07, 2006, 08:04:39 am »
Oh that post of Vash is old. He made it before he left and before he realised he was actually making things worse in the forum. Yes Vash is actually a nice and cool guy, but you know what... people tend to become like the ones they hang around with. Then, not always, but sometimes, their character/personality even that starts changing, often for the bad. I'm sure he would not encourage another silly issue to continue again.

So let's leave it. Thanks for pointing that out though. If I did it myself, wonder how many nasty replies it'd have received. -_-

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