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Hey fellas, how's everyone doing?

Hope you don't mind me askin, but is there anyone else out there that can help seed some Harlock TV '78 episdoes (12-14, more specifically)? It's chuggin' along at a snail's pace. If not, that's no big deal; I'll bear with it. Just lookin' to see if anyone else could give it a little nudge!

Thanks for the help or consideration, guys. :)

I can help seed episode 13, but that's all I've got.  Good luck with the rest of them. :)

We just released 18 and 12-14 already with no seeds?  :o


Thank you for the help!

Yeah, I know, crazy! Folks just don't know what they're missin. ;)

I'll make a new batch torrent for Harlock 11-15. That should help a bit.



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