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Do you need a Live-eviL torrent re-seeded?

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Hello fellow anime fans.

Do you need a torrent from the Live-eviL torrent page at re-seeded? I have all of them, barring the ones listed below, and will seed them upon request. (PM me or post a message here.)

I also have some of the older files whose torrents were deleted from our torrent page, including some Oppai releases. Feel free to inquire.

Live-eviL has lost all copies to some of our older releases. (I'm hoping to make up and post a list here some day.) If you have any unlicensed Live-eviL releases that are no longer in the torrent list then please let me know.

If you happen to have one of the following, could you re-seed it or get it to me somehow? These torrents have been unseeded for years.

99.9% [L-E & K-M] All In - Ep 02 (korean live-action drama).avi
10.9% [live-evil] Demi-gods, Semi-devils - Ep 01 (live-action chinese eng subbed).avi
00.0% [live-evil] Demi-gods, Semi-devils - Ep 03 (live-action chinese eng subbed).avi
78.8% Legend of Condor Hero 2003 - Ep 04 (live-action chinese eng subbed).avi

Some day "real soon now" I also plan to set up an fserve. (But don't hold your breath waiting. <grin>)

Thanks and enjoy.

WillowD   :D

99.9?  :(

There was a person who came to IRC looking for episodes from that while back. He also wanted seeds.


Yes, I saw. Actually, a lot of people have downloaded All In. I upload about two copies per week of each episode. Fortunately, Media Player Classic will play incomplete files so people can still watch it.

And thanks for posting. It gave me a chance to confirm that I will get an email whenever someone posts in this thread. I've also asked to be notified if a new thread is created here.

Tell me about it.

My L-E forums notification mail: important mails ratio has become 6:1.  :P



i need reseed on snow queen h264 of 8 and 9 coz there is no seed for both

thank in advance


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