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nOObs to this forums introduce yourself HERE

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Hello people.
I've noticed this board gets many new threads of the variety 'Hi, I'm new'. Instead of having a whole new thread which is likely to get at the most three replies and then die off to the next pages, I thought it would be better to have a single thread where newcomers to the le forums can introduce themselves. Admins are welcome to merge any such single-purpose thread into this thread.

First of all, to all newcomers,
Welcome to the Live-eviL forums. Please read the rules and regulations before posting. They can be found in Current and Future Projects board. Anything outside that, we expect your common sense to guide you.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves here. Maybe also tell us:
a) How you came to know of us.
b) What le shows do you watch and why you like them.
c) What other shows you'd like to try.
d) How often you're likely to visit us and post.

Also, you're welcome to request info regarding any of our stuff you'd like to give a shot but the synopsis in our homepage and whatever you know about it so far is not making decisions any easier for you. However no question should call for any material of the spoiler variety.

In advance, nice to meet you. ^^


Welcome welcome!


We won't bite!


most of us anyway!

The posts that should be here but were made prior to the creation of this thread are here:,1141.0.html


Hiya! ;D

I'm pretty much a newblet to these forums. I first decided to visit because of my love for Death Note. I've been a regular of many other fansub forums, this is my first time checking out Live-Evil in both releases and forums, heh. I imagine I'll get to know most of you the longer I stick around. :P

Where to begin...
Joined forum roughly 3 minutes ago.
The first fan-sub anime of yours I began to watch was Tsubasa Chronicle, but only after it was dropped.
But of course, with the internet's resources I downloaded the first season and watched the second season up until the last episodes the joint project had finished.

But I should start from the beginning...
First anime I ever watched was Devil Hunter Yohkko, then Vampire hunter D, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and once upon a time when Ronin Warriors ( Samuarai Yoirden Troopers isn't it?) was showed in US on cable.

Recently last year is when I became heavily involved with the pleasures of anime indulgence. I say indulgence because "watching" or "viewing" doesn't quite capture the enjoyment the comes.
I got into Naruto( before the HORRID fillers started) and Bleach.
I liked Lunar anime's Bleach veeeerrrry much but of course they don't do license fansubs as most groups don't and that was dropped.
So yes, DB was my source for Naruto and Bleach...
I occasionally saw the group venture with TC but didn't pay much attention and when they annoucned it was dropped I still didn't give it a chance.

It was only after I could no longer stomach the horrible fillers that I stumbled upon TC ( now I looked at the old TC thread and now discussing that in detail is more like spam now but I dare do say the YGO releases are a little less in quality)

Currently I am on the edge of my seat waiting for Death Note 6 to finish downloading...seeds went bye-bye...tracker down perhaps?
Alas good things are waiting for and with that in mind I sit patiently.

Current shows I watch:
Death Note of course ;D
Bleach, Black Blood Brothers,Busou Renkin, Tsubasa Chronicle, Jigoku shoujo futakumori( shows with death are cool ;D), Tenpo Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi, pumpkin scissors, eyeshield 21 ( understaffed much???...I didn't pass the QC test and couldn't help out * my English that bad??...wait don't answer)
and once Ghost Hunt finishing downloading I'll see if I stick with that.

Too much time? yes Evil leacher?no I try to at least seed each download for another day. Animaniac?maybe Otaku? possibly

I think that's enough for now.

Much appreciation for all your hard work.どうもありがとうございます


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