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Okay, I've posted this in another thread and I thought we should have a main thread regarding the best BitTorrent out there so here it is.

The following is a list of features of the current top three BitTorrent clients in order of rank:

µTorrent supports:
DHT tracker/network
Selective Downloading
Remote Control
Super Seeding
UPnP Port Mapping

Besides that, it uses only 7000k memory.

Azureus supports:
All the above features plus it got all sorts of fancy features and makes you happy. However, it's one of the worst memory whores and will kill your CPU unless you're on a accelerated system. You also require Java. Recommended to anyone with a fast system and who cares more about perfection than CPU usage and do not find having Java installed a problem.

BitComet supports:
Most of the stuff above. What it doesn't support are:
Remote control
super seeding

Memory usage is 20000k to 30000k, although I am damn sure it was lower before.  :-\ It apparently is the best choice client for slow connections like dial-up. There is a leech-only mode too...although that's not a nice feature of-course. You can preview incomplete files and for several other features, I like BitComet the best.

Apart from that:

The 4th position is held by XBT which is a very 'serious-looking' client ^^;; and doesn't support encryption, RSS unfortunately no DHT. So for scarywater's sake, DO NOT USE IT.  ABC holds the 5th position and is a confusing but nice looking client which looks simple but is really bad for slow connections and definitely not recommended for non-advanced users of BT clients. It is similar to a client we all know, BitTornado, which holds the 6th position. BitTornado is one window per torrent and it doesn't support queing, best way to describe it will be the modern version of the classical first BitTorrent client, the BitTorrent. Both ABC and BitTornado do not have DHT backup network so not recommended till scarywater stops having issues.

The first time I ever used BitTorrent, I became a victim of the Artic torrent. That's the most horrible client ever. Looks horrible like a DOS window, non of the nine essential features that most of us require for smooth download. Plus the hashing isn't accurate and saving incomplete. Only recommended to users who do not download batch torrents, do not mind frustrating speeds in the order of 100bytes/sec. ~_~ and do not care about what they're doing and are also on a <500MHz system. So I'll recommend it to my grandma.  ;)

I'll add more stuff as I come along them.


Most of the info taken and summarised from

Just wanted to add to this, I personally use ABC and have been using it for years.  It's true that it doesn't use DHT, so if the tracker is down, you have to wait.  Other than that, though, I've never had any problems with it.  And really, it's not complex at all.  It's laid out simply enough, and even doing things like downloading one episode out of a batch is very simple. 

Not saying you all should run and get ABC, but I figured I would just add this, having years of experience using this client.
(And Tsubie, I think non-advanced users would be perfectly capable of using ABC.  It was my first client as well, and I had no problems figuring everything out.)

Well, I'm happy it worked out for you keep  :) but I used it for a month too and it was horrible for me.  :'( Not only my speed was #$&#% but I didn't get the stats and stuff too.  I guess having DHT on BitComet improved things. If you go to sites regarding client comparison, most of them do not have any detailed info regarding ABC except that nice interface thingy.  :P So I was curious and checked it out and felt like I was trying to call New York from here on my cell through ISD lol.  :-\


I started off on Azureus for the first few months and didn't have any problems.
But having Java running all the time and the memory usage killed my internet connection so it was difficult to DL and surf at the same time.

Then a friend suggested BitComet...version 59 back then and I've been stuck to it ever since.
It goes through more updates( as far as I've seen) then any other client right now.
Always trying to improve the program it normally only gets better, just a few a new release had a bug which prompted for another upgrade, but I won't complain.

Here's my MasterCard slogan on it:
VLC media player=free

Watching all the anime you can handle=priceless

All BT clients are free.  :D



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