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Okay, people have been making multiple threads regarding the Death Note Live-action movie and although it hasn't been confirmed if we plan to sub it in the near future or not, since people are going to start threads and talk about the movie, we might as well all be discussing it over a single thread. Please discuss anything related to the movie here. I know this thread was originally created on the 3rd of June but I wanted to have all the other movie threads merged into this one so I edited one of my old threads and made it into the Death Note Live-action Master thread. It would be nice if we could have a sub forum from Death Note itself but since we do not have a system of series boards or sub-forums and nOOb forum users will not go look and stop from making unnecessary new threads, I felt it was necessary to have a master thread to keep track of all the movie related posts and merge any unnecessary threads. We would appreciate if people would follow the general forum posting guidelines before posting in the future.

Anyways, discuss the movie, bribe us to sub it, whatever.  ;D

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