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Currently the only group doing sailor stars is doing a horrid job at it. (as in a compiled mplayer cvs wont play it  :'( ).

Considering the abysmal quality of the encoding from said nameless group and the fact that sailor stars will never be allowed on american shores by decree of the great butcher eisner, I formally request this group, which i've considered experts and subbing classics for years, take up the project.

WELL. Its like this. There may have been plans to infact, do exactly as you said, for exactly the reasons you said.
However, L-E has very few staff for the amount of projects we have. Yeah, I'td be awsome if we could toss ANOTHER series. Issue remains STAFF. Now, I know your intentions are really good here, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

The people over at Sailor Moon Center are currently in the process of buying the R2 disks of Stars as well, so there will be at least two groups working on it.  Just FYI.  ;)

HRM. Assuming they do good work, everything should be taken care of by them, then.

Haha, that's great! I would actually come out of my soon-to-be-imposed retirement and edit this! XD


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