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If you feel you have been wrongly banned from our IRC channel, post here.

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Yes, as the topic says, if you feel you were banned from the forums in error, or for an invalid reason, this is where you can tell us about it. But if you are going to complain, please make sure you have already read the IRC rules thread, and are 100% sure you were not banned for a good reason.

Please provide your ip/host & some logs when posting here .

As I suspected at once this thread was opened I was going to be the first to use it  :P

Bastard-sama the grim, banned me again. This time for the following line:

--- Quote ---(05:43:06) (hostghost) Special is the word
--- End quote ---

I was refering to him. And all though this may be concidered a spiteful remark I hardly think it's enough to ban.
Also it was a reply to the following line:

--- Quote ---(05:42:44) (@bobby6|LLE|away) bastard-sama should feel really special, we had to make a whole new thread just because of him lol ;)
--- End quote ---

So it was a part of an ongoing conversation, and bastard-sama was not apart of that conversation.

Even though an OP is allmighty and his ban should be respected, I feel that it was absolutely unnecesary, if he was uncomfertable with the remark. Simply saying so in either PM or with a kick would prevent any such action to happen again. But when OPs have so diffrent ways of practising the rules it really is kinda hard to keep a friendly and open tone in the channel.

I guess I could have solved this issue by simply talking to one of the ops directly, but wanted to put this thread to good use and went the issue.

Congrats hostghost, for being the first person to use this thread! :)




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