Author Topic: Can anyone do me a big favor and translate these song titles?  (Read 2373 times)

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Pe'z just came out with their new album.. 2 discs, 16 tracks a disc, and it's v. good.

I need to get the tracks translated properly because I just don't trust the itunes translations, especially when they'll type out the text for some tracks translated, while others will be untranslated, and others will be titles pe'z originally wrote in english themselves. Any clarification of typos in the transcription that itunes made of the names is appreciated, as is any literal translation or perhaps figurative form of the title, if it sounds nice enough.

And if you want to hear the album find me on etg or gamesurge (lupin or lupin|lha) and I will bequeath unto anyone who can translate the song names my original copy of the cd from itunes, which I will replace with flac files of the actual release.

d1's filenames after ripping from itunes

d2's filenames after ripping from itunes
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Re: Can anyone do me a big favor and translate these song titles?
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Actually they're in very good shape. Only a few minor errors.
Anyways, if you still need them, here are the corrections:
2. Hanafubuki ~Oiran Douchuu Makaritooru~ (also 33)
10. Hirubii ~Taiyou to Bii-san to Watashi~
19. A ~Ace~

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