Author Topic: Can anyone explain the similarities between Star Trek and Captain Harlock plz ?  (Read 8364 times)

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[16:35]  <Scaevolus> hey leechers have to expend lots of effort, it takes almost a dozen keystrokes to leech stuff
[16:37]  <Mamo-chan> go stroke goomb's ego plz
[16:38]  <Professor_Goomba> fansubbing is not about leecher ego stroking
[16:38]  <Professor_Goomba> it's about how much we jizz when w

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"Captain Herlock" ??? >.< That just makes me want to cry... It sounds so icky :'( And yes, the author's complete lack of grasp for the characters and the story really comes through in that Star Trek reference. Eewww!
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all the same, i think i'll stick with the beautiful '78 version...
ahhh, natsukashii!  ^_____^;
There was this one time, GOKU was acting like a super stud, and Harlock got sick of him, so Harlock SHOT GOKU, and GOKU DIED.
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