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How fast is your internet?

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Whats your average download speeds? Capped? Slow? Throttled? Still on dial up? Sucks like shit?

For me, my Cable Provider (Eastlink) gives me 15Mbit down / 1 Mbit up
Too bad my upload sucks :(

I'll get anywhere from 600 - 1500KB/s depending on where I download

For example, I was downloading Sky Girls ep 8 just now

[16:01] DCC Get of [Ayako]_Sky_Girls_-_08v2_XVID_[0C3917F5].avi from Ayako|Archives complete (00:03:18 915 KB/Sec)

I can download between 30-40 mb in under 3 secs at times but it really varies... at times it's less than 300 kb/s can you believe it ~_~?

My college hates everything I'd do on the internet anyway. Oh well. >>

- Tsubasa

I have 20/5mb from Verizon FiOS. At just $44 a month, cant go wrong. Been considering getting their televison service as well since it comes with azntv and the funimation channel.

me no want funi channel :/

but i want cable :(

Not fast enough...


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