Author Topic: NOW RECRUITING: Full-Time backup / secondary Mascot Position  (Read 15786 times)

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NOW RECRUITING: Full-Time backup / secondary Mascot Position
« on: January 12, 2008, 02:15:13 am »
The pig is looking for a new small animal (pig, bunny, chinchilla, ferret, etc.) to serve as a secondary / backup mascot.  The highly coveted and sought-after role of the secondary mascot is to 'sub' for the pig when he is not feeling well or otherwise occupied, or when he is unavailable to make an appearance at a charity event, convention appearance / forum due to logistical or other misc. problems.  Other roles include attending morale-boosters or cheer-up sessions for disinfrancised staff, posing and modeling in 'glamour' and 'slice of life' photos / movies, etc.  Interested small animals should be highly motivated self-starters who are endearing and enjoyable to be around.  Applicants can send their photos, movie files, acts, or otherwise communicate to request an interview for the position over Skype (see the contact info on the site).