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Daughter of 20 faces - ep 6 playback problem


Hey guys, I have a weird broken image when I watch the ep 6. Could anyone help why I have this kind of image? The image is on 16:35 timeline. (Watching the H.264 version btw)

I am using Media Player Classic with latest CCCP and Koepi Xvid installed.

Thanks a lot.

P.S: I am sorry if it is not allowed to show thumbnail image link directly as I could not find the forum rules, so forgive me if it is prohibited and I will change it if not allowed.

Unfortunately it looks like a glitch in the raw.  I'll go ahead and ask Tofusensei if he knows what's up.  This should not affect the video or audio.  Thanks for pointing that out to us.


Tell me where in the video the problem starts, and I'll see if I can reproduce it when I get home.

You will be able to, it's at the time stated above, but it's just a single frame. It's not the player, it's the vid.  If you've got the raw see if you can reproduce it with that.


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