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Site address or web browser problems?

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Since a few weeks when I enter the old address I get to a page with solely the latest release announcement. Before I could see a more elaborate page where I could click for example a link to this forum.

If I use the direct forum address I get here, obviously, as I can post  ;)

Should I use something else than ?

I'm using IE 7, which I did before when it was working as well. (Yes, bad browser, but...)

You need to refresh the CSS probably. Try cleaning out your cache and hitting F5 in the browser.



--- Quote ---Try cleaning out your cache and hitting F5 in the browser.
--- End quote ---

Been having the exact same problem, tried doing both those things but it didn't help

This morning it worked again, and I did nothing with my browser between yesterday and today (I had also cleared about everything several times before I posted).

If you did something to fix it - thanks  :)

Edit 2008-09-17: At least since this morning CET the problem is back... Refresh and stuff does not help this time either...

yeah, problems back for me as well


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