Author Topic: Setting up Skype to talk to the pig  (Read 14110 times)

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Setting up Skype to talk to the pig
« on: October 22, 2008, 09:49:42 pm »
There has been some confusion over this, so I'll post it here.

First you need to set up Skype on your computer as normal.

Then you need to download the "SkyPig" skin/add-on and install that.

Then run Skype as normal.  Enable the "SkyPig" skin/add-on.

Now you'll see a number of tabs and buttons you can click on.

Click "Connect" and then click the tab with the piggy on it.

Now enter the pig's contact sequence:

[Wheek] [Wheek] [Rumble] [Wheek] [Chirp] [Wheek] [Wheek] [Rumble] [Wheek]

Wait for him to pick up.

Now either put your small animal next to the speaker / microphone, or use the
[Wheek] [Chirp] [Rumble] etc. buttons yourself to communicate with the pig.

When done, please rememember to hit the "hang up" button. 

With SkyPig installed, you can also contact bunnies and other animals from around the world.  For instance, you can contact Shinsen's Tuan Tuan by selecting the tab with a bear on it when connecting and then entering the sequence:

[Growl] [Roar] [Pause] [Pause] [Nibble] [Nibble] [Roar]

Have fun!