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Please stop sending PMs to the pig's old skype account.  This account is no longer in use.  Everything that gets sent to it goes into a black hole.

The mascot search at live-evil is not moving particularly fast.  In the meantime it looks like I am going to have to answer several querries that came up.

I woke up this morning and there were 7 mostly-panicked and exzasperated PMs asking what happened between Holly and Mr. Sparkles.  Now please just step back and think about small animal biology.  Mr. Sparkles and Holly live in different houses.  I know they met at a pignic and they were supposed to be together and all that stuff, but the truth from the very beginning is the woman who looks after Mr. Sparkles didn't really like Holly.  Also, Holly lives across town from Mr. Sparkles.  Not to mention that Holly has other (male) bunnies in her life that she interacts with on a regular basis.  I don't need to be any kind of small animal expert behavioralist to tell you that relationship just isn't going to work out long-term.  I don't care if you have the internet today or all this other stuff that helps anyone stay in touch.  If Holly lived alone it might work out.  But she doesn't.  So that was the end of that, and honestly anyone who was banking on that thing working out just doesn't have any idea how small animals think.

On or about 1-5-2010 some of Mr. Sparkles 'friends' were injured in a boating accident [1].  Skippy suffered some minor cuts and lacerations.  Muffin has two broken ribs, though not necessarily both due to the incident.  Mr. Wiggles broke a toe and Twinkie has a few scratches on his nose.  Min-min was not involved in the incident.  All the bunnies are okay and none of their injuries are considered to be life-threatening.

[1] Note from me:  "Boating accident" is a poker term where a player has a full house (aka. 'boat'), bets big, but still loses the pot.

mamochan: <- Boat term does exist (full house), Boating Accident does not.
For more information, google up poker terms and you will find that boating accident does not exist. Only in Sindo's pig world :)

Basically the term "boating accident" is pretty much exclusive to no limit texas hold'em players.  A high-stakes type of game that is primarily played within California, Nevada, or Texas.  The reasons for this are twofold, first, in texas hold'em boating accidents are more common than in other types of poker (due to the large number of shared cards) and in no-limit the tendency to bet big when one has made a boat.

Please stop sending me PMs about Holly.  Those of you who are PMing me know what I am talking about.  Seriously do not make a big deal about nothing.  From the beginning of time, every 6 months or so Holly has done that.  In the end the bunny always comes back so it's not something to be overly concerned about.  Just ask Mr. Sparkles or PM him and he will back me up on this.  That's just the way bunnies are (most of them).  Get used to it.

If you all want something to worry about, Mikey did bring up the matter of _S_ aka. _M_.  No small animal is quite sure exactly what happened there but I have a really bad feeling about that one.  If you really want to PM me study up on that case and then we can talk about that one.  B'cos, right now, it's a huge unknown.  And it's very troubling to the rest of the small animals. 


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