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Did L-E do Macross - Do You Remember Love?


aka Chou Jikyuu Yousai Macross: Ai Oboete Imasuka
aka Clash of the Bionoids

It lists that L-E worked on this with FreeLance Fansubs in February 2, 2009.

I am curious since I did not see this project listed in L-E's records. I would like to watch this movie and I have more trust in L-E than Newlife which I have not heard of and it is older.

The problem is that it links to and that tracker is completely empty so I do not know how to find it. It should be 1202.9 Mb.

Edit: Oh wait, I found it at It seems whoever linked to it on AnimeSuki messed up. I wish I knew how to report the mistake =( Still doesn't seem to be listed under projects though, perhaps because it's a single movie it got slipped through the cracks?

I am really interested in watching everything related to this, be it Macross, Robotech, or the other original "Super Dimension" series which were made into the later Robotech series.

As far as I can tell, ADV films has the rights to the original SDF Macross and some people can watch it on Hulu though I think you need to live in the United States to watch them.

Edit2: It seems the same mistake was made in linking to FLF on AS for Flashback 2012, also in same Uncat as above, direct link is also:

Apparently this takes place as a substitute interpretation (alternate reality?) of episodes 2-27 of SDF Macross TV. Does this mean we should find and watch the first episode before watching these 2 movies? Does it mean once we watch them we should skip ahead to watch episodes 28-36 of the series?

Also I am wondering, has "Lovers Again" or "Macross Plus" been done by anyone? I can see that Macross 7 is out at but these two came before. I think Plus is probably important since it comes before 7 in chronology whereas LA is set far in the future and a sequel to the movie alt timeline.

Then there is:
Dynamite 7

Um... Fufonfia? lol

Yes we fansubbed Macross DYRL :)
It wasn't listed under our projects because it was a surprise release.  We do that a lot.

As for your other question, "Lovers Again" and "Macross Plus" is available on DVD by Manga Entertainment. Check out or

Mamo speaks the truth about Lovers Again and Macross Plus. I've owned the Lovers Again DVD for awhile now.


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