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Hi Everyone!

Here is a surprise for you! We just released the first and second episodes of Adachi's first blockbuster series, Miyuki, today! What a nice release to feast on during Easter break! Please get them from the torrents/our bots in

We are doing this project with FroZen-Evil (we just finished Yawara with them) and we're working pretty hard on it. Please use this thread to place your comments, thank us, etc. Note that thirty years ago, Miyuki Episode 1 was broadcasted on Japan's local TV on the same day (March 31st). So consider this a tribute to Adachi awesome on its 30th anniversary!

The Miyuki manga (translated by Mugen) is also available on the interweb and the anime follows the manga pretty closely.

Hope you enjoy the show!

The first two episodes were really good, especially episode two. Lots of comedic hijinks and twists/turns. Oh btw, the translation, video and sound quality, typesetting, and timing were all very good, IMHO. Looking forward to watching more of this.  8)

Episode 4 is out.

Episode 5 is out.

Does anyone read the forum anymore? Anyways, episode 6 was released last week.  FroZen will be finishing the rest of Miyuki without us. Don't ask.


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