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We need a TIMER and new Quality Checkers!


Hi guys. We're getting really active subbing lots of cool projects (some of which we haven't announced yet). We have tons of translations stacking up but we are running behind on TIMING them. If you are familiar with Aegisub and looking to join the oldest active fansubbing group around, post here or come on irc and message me! I'd love to talk.

In addition, because of all these new episodes, we are falling behind in the QC department. If you want to have a direct impact on the quality of our scripts, please consider joining our QC team! No experience necessary! Post here or message an op on IRC.

Lastly, any translators who are looking to work on shows that have never been subtitled before, please reach out. We've got a ton of cool new project ideas. Do you really enjoy wasting your skills on a show that's being simulcast by Crunchyroll or elsewhere? Come to the light side where you can make an immediate impact on shows that people can't see elsewhere.

If you know of any timers, QCs, or translators who might be interested, PLEASE refer them our way. We would love to talk.

Thank you!!


tl;dr: message Tofusensei in #live-evil on to learn more.  <- void
As our Tofusensei has once again, Flown the coop, jumped the ship, left town, beat a hasty retreat, cut and run, vamoosed himself, taken the slow boat to China, skedaddled his bad ass, scampered off, shook a leg, took it on the lam,ducked out, is playing extended hooky, In other words... he made like a tree, and got outta here. :o So since he has chosen to be " defunct" until further notice, as stated below, if interested, please contact Suzaku or Mamo-chan .


--- Quote from: Tofusensei on October 11, 2013, 09:34:39 am ---tl;dr: message Tofusensei in #live-evil on to learn more.

--- End quote ---

Er... disregard this because Tofusensei is no longer with us. Message either Mamo-chan, Suzaku, or anyone else with the "@" mark by their names.

But as Tofusensei mentioned, we're a bit lacking in the QC department right now, so we could always use more help. So, if you think you have what it takes to be a QCer or are an experience one, please feel free to apply. We're a group of long time subbers(for the most part) and are pretty interesting people, so I'm sure you'll enjoy working with us.  ;)


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