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Let Us Hear About Your Fansubbing Service Time


First of all, let me apologize if there is already a thread like this here. I'm not going to bother weeding through 14 pages.  :P Anyway, for all you subbers out there, please let the rest of the interwebs know how long you've been subbing now. I know some of you are approaching or have approached pretty impressive milestones.

As for me, I've been subbing as a part of Live-eviL for over 9 years now. Doesn't seem that long, but it's the truth. I'll reach my 10 year anniversary as part of the group next March. In regards to subbing in total, been doing that, on and off, for over 11 years now.  I'm what you can call an "under the radar subber", so even with my lengthy service time, I'm still not that well-known (at least I think). :o

This will be my 12th year here  :o


--- Quote from: suzaku_nomiko on January 03, 2018, 05:59:02 am ---This will be my 12th year here  :o

--- End quote ---


How many years in total, including L-E?


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