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Galaxy Express 999!!!

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OMG I love this series!  Starblazers was my intro to anime many years ago, and it had always been my
favorite until seeing GE999 (by the same creator)

Anyway once i started watching this series i've gone out of my way to see the entire 113 episode run, but only the first 36 episodes are available anywhere (with english subs)

Any chance of seeing eps 37-113 anytime soon?

" Any chance of seeing eps 37-113 anytime soon?"

HAHAHAHAHAhehehehewhooooo giggle....
No, sorrry.


Thanks for subbing this!!!  I love Leiji Matsumoto's works and I've always wanted to see this.  I've seen the movies, but have never had access to the series.  Thanks again!!!

I too would want very very much to see the 36-113 episoden. Im very sad thought if u are not going to translate them :( I have waited my whole life to see those ^^

Give the guys a chance, ep1 has just been released and Galaxy Railways still isn't finished yet.


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