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 On the suggestion of one of our members, I am posting the link to most current release of Xvid.  Our encoder(s) are now using Xvid for most of L-E releases.   Please upgrade before going crazy in a post, thanks.

Whoops  ;D

well i found the resolution to the codec problem, if you downloaded the codec above and are still experiencing playback problems such as the video getting blocky then download and install this as well

hope this helps out

thank you for you support

the link for xvid doesnt work for me, i looked on the site but could only put my end on the "binary" or whatever stuff

so i install xvid;) 2.0 player but still got the problem =/
explorer wm9 crash happily :p

also u need to install the codec not the player ...

i apologie about my dumbness =[

i installed the codec and everything work fine now.

Thx again.


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