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Well another way to get Live-Evil releases is to get them from Usenet :)
For this you need 3 things :
a news grabber : Grabit for example under windows or Pan under linux
Winrar 3.0: Winrar (both for windows & linux )
Currently there is 2 type of par files  : .par  & .par2
for more info about the difference between this 2 types
u should check the official website
For the first generation of  par files u can use Fsraid on a windows architecture , for linux you can use  Parchive
For the second generation currently u can try
Par2cmdline under the both system or with a gui interface under windows QuickPar
you can also use others news clients like Xnews ,Newbin pro, Newsleecher, Agent & my favourite one ubh a perl script :D .
Here the example is based under Windows with Grabit & Fsraid
Well, here we go !
First you need to configure your nntp'server ,usually it's a news.ispname.tld for example here the nntp server is
( yeah i'm using a french nntp 'server :D )

you can set your pass & login to access to the nntp server too .
Now you need to update your news groups list & select your group :

Classical groups are alt.binaries.anime & alt.binaries.multimedia.anime

Subcribe to one of them & update them:)

After that you can grab article from the nntp server :P
Here a exemple : 250Kb Png
After all you need to use winrar to uncompress the file,
In case of corrupts file u can use the par(2) corrector to correct the file :D .
Since 5 months i'm only posting par2 files , but some people still using par files .
Now why using newsgroups ?
1) it's fast , i mean as fast as you're fast usually :D because in a general way you are using your isp's nntp server .
2) there is no queue , all you need is to wait for the file (currently i'need ~2hours to post a 200Mb file ) & as i'm posting the file when we released them :D
But sometimes your isp 'nntp server is crapy ~.~ (blam your isp ) or doesn't offer access to binary newsgroups ... Then you need to use another nntp server ( usually you need to pay for it )
here is a list :
Claranews <- i used it by the past it was quite stable with a nice retention ( the file stay around 10 days on the server :D )
EasyNews maybe the most famous :D ( 30 days of retention )
For any question/request suchs as repost etc etc you can do it here(maybe not in this post :p ), on irc (my nick is mikala) , using Jabber a free & open source IM ( my ID is ) .
That's all :)

I personally love Grabit.   A very nice program, and if my ISP would let me get more than 5gb from Usenet a month for free it would be better.  Downloading over 1gb an hour rocks!

well in fact i'm now using nget .
Some links : &&

I just wanted to say.....

THANK YOU mikala!!!! You've introduced me to something wonderful and this...paired with IRC is making my life THAT much easier  [smiley=46249910.gif] i LOVE YOU!!!!  [smiley=biggrin.gif]

are you she ?
if not without offense i would say i'm not gay :o
if you're she you're welcome to send me sexy pics [:cupra]


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