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Hey all,

New Project from Live-eviL. We're pleased to release episode 1 of the NHK anime "The Snow Queen" based on the classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. 

It's been expanded a bit from the original tale but we're sure you'll love watching it just as much as we love working on it.

Let us know what you think of this new retelling of this classic tale!


just found a nasty error ...

the creator's name AREN'T Hans Christian Anderson ... it is Hans Christian Andersen

the *son is commonly swedish while we danes (and since he was a dane him as well) commonly uses *sen :)

I think this is a case of ENGLISH spellings and DANISH spellings here...

For example...

A lot of books use Anderson and not Andersen. So I think its a case of horses for courses here whether the English or Danish spellings are used. Its the same with the spelling of Kay. It CAN be Kai be we wen't with the English spelling of the name.

So it was just a choice on our part to use the English and not the Danish spellings ^_^.



well ... his name was no matter how you look at it 'Andersen' that some uses 'Anderson' because that they pronunce it that way, would compere to that i called Jostein Gaarder (norwegian author of Sofie's world along others) Jostein Gårder because we on danish commonly pull two A's following each other together to å ... that make no sence does it?

... and the boy ... i have allways seen his name spelled as Kay

and following your link ...

thats a good bit more named Andersen than Andreson even though its the same :p ... whats right ... the danish (mostly used) or the english pronuncement?

Haha I guess its easy enough to change LOL but its not *blatantly* wrong.

*Adds note to change when he typesets ep2*



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