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Hope this is allowed (if not I'm sure the mods know what to do  ;D ), but I'd like to enquire about the status of Ask Dr. Rin ... and no I don't mean when is the next release ... just your re-assurement that live-evil is still working on it. It's kinda old school anime (imho anyway), but I like the easy pacing and I'm a sucker for romance stories so I like it a lot.

Initially I was getting the stuff from Kuonji, but after L-E sort of reactivated this projected they dropped of the planet so I got L-E's stuff instead, but after episode 6 it's been eerily quiet and it was just getting good.

Episode 7 is translated and has been awaiting 2nd Editing for quite some time now.

Episode 8 is translated and awaiting translation checking.


Kinda bumping this back on topic ... since it's over 2 months ago I hope people don't mind (to much). Just re-checking on the status of this project ... I take it real life and other projects have pushed back this one? .... or the quality process on this one is REALLY tough  ;)

Like I said here ->,856.0.html this project is currently in Tofusensei's hands(and has been for a LONG LONG LONG time). He's currently AWOL (absent without leave). If you want it go bug him via Tofusensei/Tofu2 (IRC) Tofusensei (AIM) or (email)


Heh, I may have to personally hijack this project, as well as GE 999.   ;)
What do you, the fans, think of that? You think we should wait for Tofu, or let me handle things in a brisk and proffesional manner? ;D


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