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Hey all. ;)
As you may have noticed, only episode 12 is up. ???
Worry not, we will get the other ones up as soon as is plausible. 8)
Anyway, If you have any questions to ask that are not answered on the main page, feel free to post them here, and they will be answered as soon as possible.
I repeat, we came to Live-eviL voluntarily, and are very grateful that they accepted us.
Also - This is a page about Harlock. Please do not ask about other/future projects.  ;)


We welcome all new members aboard the Arcadia.

It's a pleasure working on a Matsumoto project, especially Captain Harlock :)

i just want to thank you from your work.

good luck for all of you. ;D

Hello everyone,

Yes, the Captain Harlock team has moved to Live-eviL. Honestly, I think this is where Harlock belongs. There is much more of an appreciation for classic anime in this group.

As for news, we have just created a new batch torrent of the first 5 episodes of the Special Edition MKV. Please note that these are the same files with different names and you will not have to download them again.

Episodes 6-8 are next. And then we get to do the outrageous EP13 and the "movie," which is based on that episode, "Mystery of the Arcadia." We have a surprise in store for that. ^^

Take care and thanks for watching...


OK, new here (and this will no doubt explain my cluelessness...)..  But I'd appreciate some help in finding a link to this 1-5 batch torrent...:)  Seems I've searched all over this site without finding it!


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