Which series do you like the most amongst our current & past projects?

3000 Leages in Search of Mother
Magical Angel Creamy Mami
Magical Fairy Persia
Tsubasa Chronicle S2
Peach Girl Live Action
Sailor Moon Musicals
Galaxy Express 999
Captain Harlock TV(1978)
Queen Millennia
Ask Dr. Rin (w/HnK)
Yawara (w/Froth-Bite)
Chou Kuse ni Narisou
Glass Mask TV (original)
Kimagure Orange Road Pilot
Sergeant Ribbit OP
Tonde Buurin
Detective Academy Q (w/Ideology)
Gallery Fake (w/Ideology)
The Snow Queen
French Condor Hero
Sailor Stars
Oban Star Racer
Death Note
Wellber no Monogatari (NEW!)
Shion no Ou
Your Under Arrest Full Throttle

Author Topic: POLL: Most fav series amongst the current ongoing and recently dropped projects.  (Read 237746 times)

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Galaxy Express 999 all the way! I look forward to any future releases.

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I voted for Shion no Ou because it's a fantastic show.

Also, my other vote had to go to Nana, definitely. It's such a great manga :D

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In terms of importance I voted Galaxy Express 999.

While Legend of the Galactic Heroes is by far the best space opera in story and characters, Galaxy Express has the lead in sci-fi atmosphere and in Japanese it is even better. If you manage to translate all the episodes it will be certainly a feat and for me the best fansubbed series of all.

Cuore:From the Apennines to the Andes

While I saw the series from the Taiwanese DVD that had decent translation, this is another classic series that was popular and probably has the best direction of any series from Japan that comes as close to real life as possible.

Captain Harlock

Another classic. While you can find it on DVD in Europe I plan to watch your release too but I dont think it is better than GE 999. I would have voted for Queen Millenia but I found it dubbed and from the first 13 episodes it is good but it overuses Matsumoto's earlier themes in GE and Captain Harlock excessively so this is rather for Matsumoto fans.


I plan to give a look at the 57 episodes you released (in Europe you can buy all the episodes too) and since it was more popular than Ranma  in Japan, I hope it will be better too.

I would have voted for Creamy Mami too for the effort you made but the show was too kiddie for me to like.

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Re: POLL: Most favorite series amongst the current active (and stalled) projects.
« Reply #183 on: November 27, 2008, 07:15:08 am »
I've been out of the loop for the last three years doing other things such as podcasting and doing a volunteer gig at a College station.

Sorry I couldn't get in on the poll.

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I voted for The Snow Queen. I grew up loving the original story (Thanks to Fairy Tale Theatre), but I didn't even know there was an anime based on it. I started watching your subs, and I'm smitten with the story. I love the way it pulls in other Andersen tales into Gerda's journey. It's really sweet and very creative!  :D

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I guess I am a little late on voting.  I would have voted for Future Boy Conan and Daughter of Twenty Faces as well if they had been on the list.  I did vote for Yawara and You're Under Arrest.  I am eagerly awaiting future Yawara episodes.  Another old anime that Live Evil started on and then dropped is Ashita no Nadja.  I would love to see Live Evil finish the last few episodes of that series, since nobody else seems to want to.  You can watch the Spanish dub with English subtitles on YouTube, but COME ON!  It's a Japanese film.  Who want's to hear it in Spanish?  Seeing the English subs on YouTube I know that somebody subbed those final episodes in English, but I have never been able to find them on-line.  :(  I suppose I could take the RAWs and then copy the script from the YouTube version and then try timing my own sub....  Actually I have done that for part of one episode.  :-[  I can really appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing at Live Evil after trying to just do one episode by myself.

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I totally fell in love with Leiji Matsumoto's work after discovering LE. Love Queen Millenia most of all, I really hope you guys continue with the series.