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Topics include:

-Purpose for Live-eviL's existence
-Web Presence

Please join us if you care about the future of Live-eviL!


General Forum / The beginning of the end???
« on: September 28, 2007, 03:18:34 am »
Well folks,

I'm sure most of you have seen the news about Geneon's DVD sales. If not, check it out here:

This is a sad day for anime fans, but this is probably just the beginning. :'( Anime sales have been falling drastically. Some of you may have noticed the anime sections of your local retailers shrinking.

Let's face it guys. The anime industry AS A WHOLE has just gotten too big to support itself. American companies have been licensing almost EVERY new show. Many of these shows are just not very good. We need to send a message to the licensees that they need to be more discriminating about what they buy. Fans won't just buy anything anymore. This business of pre-licensing needs to stop as well. In those cases, the company can get stuck with a show that is horrible!

But there is a catch...

Producing anime has gotten VERY expensive. So expensive that many Japanese producers can no longer afford to finance it on their own. In fact, they are looking to the West to help pay for these shows. However, there are so many producers now that they are canceling each other's profits. There is more product than the market can consume.

The solution, in my opinion, is a market correction. Things are going to get UGLY. Many anime producers and American licensees will fail.


When the dust settles, only the good stuff will remain. The "anime junk" will no longer be made. I encourage everyone to help the companies learn what the "good stuff" is by buying the stuff you really like. And TELL them WHY you didn't buy the crap (but be constructive about it).

Anime will become a niche market again, and that may be a VERY GOOD thing.


Hello everyone,

I plan to SHOUTcast the Fansubbing and Scanlation panel at Otakon again this year. If you would like to chime in, point your web browser to Media Player Classic or WinAmp are recommended in order to play the audio stream.

Also, if time allows, I will  have IRC open to take a few questions from the Live-eviL main channel. So be sure to tune in!

Take care,

P.S. I'm going to try and get a mic for the people asking questions so we can actually hear them this time! ;D

General Forum / Otakon fansubbing/scanlation panel DENIED!
« on: June 27, 2007, 03:21:11 am »
To everyone:

We just received word form Otakon Staff that our request to co-host a panel on fansubbing and manga scanlation has been DENIED! We have been told there is no appropriate space available. We made our request May 1st, which was the first day the site with the registration form was available!

If you want to see this panel, please write to and express your desire to see this panel!

Thanks so much!


Hello everyone,

Ever wanted to be IN an anime? Well, now is your chance! This is an offical invite to anyone who wants to audition for a voice part in the upcoming fandub of the Captain Harlock movie. The story is based on episode 13. I encourage you to download it as a reference. The movie is 30 minutes long and the characters which appear are:

Captain Harlock (The MAN!)
Daiba Tadashi, Young Scientist
Yattaran, Arcadia's 2nd in Command
Yuki Kei, Beautiful Bridge Officer
Dr. Zero, Ship's Doctor (and drunkard)
Mrs. Masu, Ship's Cook
Mime, Beautiful Alien who owes her life to Harlock
Maji, Ship's Engineer
Mayu, Harlock's young Goddaughter
Principal of Mayu's school (female)
Kiruta, Earth's Garrison Commander
Prime Minister of the Earth Federal Government
Witch Aman, the Villain (female)

This will not be a typical low quality fandub! Fans of the Special Edition MKVs know that the audio quality will be high. The release will be dual audio (English and Japanese) in 5.1 surround. Source raw is the Region 2 DVD boxset and the Columbia Eternal Edition OSTs.

Please post your intentions to audition here in the forum. Thanks so much!  :D

Current & Future L-E Projects / New Series: Sailor Stars - REMASTERED!
« on: April 11, 2006, 02:51:29 am »
Well folks... Announcement time.

Sailor Stars is coming! :D

BUT, we have something no one else can touch: MULTICHANNEL AUDIO! That's right. We are remasting the audio from the original soundtrack CDs. Sailor Stars was yet another show with stereo OST masters that got released in mono. Well, we are going to give this series the respect it deserves. Download the opening animation and hear the difference!

The file format will be MP4, containing h.264 video w/ 5.1 AC3 and mono MP3 audio - another first in the world of fansubbing. Go Live-eviL! :o

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