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Current & Future L-E Projects / Re: New series suggestion thread
« on: December 10, 2013, 08:29:58 am »

Submarine Super 99 - The US licensors website has gone off line apparently ? Enoki Films USA was the licensor but from my initial google search they never got anywhere. It's not on Baka-updates either. A bit more due dilligence would be needed but if the license has just been sat on and the US licensors web site is off line it would suggest it's fair game... Raw source wise DVD's are available to rent.

Dai Yamamoto - Never ever licensed by anyone. DVD's are rentable.

The other 3 look as though they only ever made it to VHS. It would be a disservice to them to sub them off LQ web torrents. We'd need to find and rip the VHS...

I'm going to Japan at New Year so might be tempted to rent Submarine Super 99 and Dai Yamamoto from Tsutaya while I'm there. Both of them are only relative short so you might stand half a chance of seeing them sometime in the next 2 years LOL.

And tonight I finish translating Trapp in it's entireity :)

Just need to wait now for the eps to get processed.

-The Professor

Hi there

As I've told you before thank you for the suggestion.

We'll take it in to consideration but it will go in to our "maybe" list of projects. We make absolutely no promises about it being picked up anytime soon.

For a project to be seriously considered for fast pickup you need
- preferably a translator / or good quality scripts (HK subs don't count) / or be prepared to pay for a pro translator to do it
- or at least DVD / Blu Ray raws that you could give us.

I don't want to sound glum but just wanted to set your expectations


Trapp 27 - QC
Trapp 29 - Edit
Trapp 30 - Edit
Trapp 30 - TL Check
Trapp 31 - TL'd awaiting timing
Trapp 32 - TL'd awaiting timing
Trapp 33 - TL'd awaiting timing
Trapp 34 - TL'd awaiting timing
Trapp 35 - Tl'd awaiting timing
Trapp 36 - Tl'd awaiting timing
Trapp 37 - Tl'd awaiting timing
Trapp 38 - Tl'd awaiting timing
Trapp 39 - Tl'd awaiting timing
Trapp 40 - Tl'd awaiting timing

Gawd I'm goood 13!!! ep queue. If your luck is in you might see 3 eps...soon maybe?

-The Prof

Current & Future L-E Projects / Haikara san ga tooru
« on: November 01, 2013, 10:47:21 pm »

So I'm thinking about Professoring this up for you lovely people.

Comments ? - Good idea ? Bad Idea ?

Nobodies done it and I guess nobody has the inclination to considering there is no DVD raws but on the other hand reminds me of the old days when DVD's were thin on the ground and we were working off VHS caps for stuff..


Like I said, we'll take it in to consideration but don't get your hopes up it will get done soon.

For a project to
a) be feasible
b) be released in something like a reasonable time frame

It needs a translator who wants to do the show and it needs raws and if they're not available on filesharing sites would mean renting / buying DVD's / LD's which would only happen if someone really wanted to do it and use their own $$ on it.

We'll take it in to consideration but without raws better than Youtube and a translator that wants to do it it'll be a while before it gets looked at.

All our translators are already fully loaded with their own pet projects and the last thing we want to do is un-neccessarily slow down our already long lead time on episodes.

Current & Future L-E Projects / Re: nobara no julie
« on: October 20, 2013, 09:23:22 am »
Have you got better raws than Youtube? Without better raws it'd be a hard ask.

We'll ccertainly put it on our list of "maybes" but without raws and a translator that's interested in doing it I wouldn't get your hopes up of it being done soon.

I come out from under my rock!

Trapp 27 - TL Check
Trapp 28 - TL Check
Trapp 29 - TL'd awaiting timing
Trapp 30 - TL'd awaiting timing
Trapp 31 - TL'd awaiting timing
Trapp 32 - TL'd awaiting timing
Trapp 33+ TL

6 eps ahead :P

Yawn I'll edit this post...

Trapp 23 - TRANSLATED! - Now@Tl check / edit / time
Trapp 24 - TRANSLATED! - Now@TL check / edit / time
Trapp 25 - Raw making/TL

So panic not all ye leechers of this fine series theres more trapp coming. Sorry to keep you waiting I just had to work through ma shit :)


lol read back up the thread.

21 and 22 are still at editing.

Cos I'm busy with school and they're not out yet I've just not got round to doing more translations yet. Once those are out then I'll get back in the translating groove which should coincide with my school crap being taken care of...


Ep 21 is done but ep 22 will be delayed as yours truly is in the final semester of his second college degree and I guess folks should know that I'm kinda having hell on earth right now.


Considering we want episode 23/24 out by christmas that's a distinct possibility. 15 episodes in a year of 1 show isn't THAT hard.


PS (gets back to thinking about finishing a half done 21 script)

I think Suz has been adding the contents of her kitty litter tray to my pipe. I'm smoking baby.

Trapp 20 is translated. That means I'm 6 eps ahead of the game.

Trapp 15 to 18 at editing with Miss Tlynnec
Trapp 19 to 20 at TLC with tenken

Rough schedule is I'm gonna have 3 weeks off from translating now and start up again mid November. The aim is to release 23 to 25 at Christmas as they're Christmas/Snow themed episodes so Eps 21 and 22 will be translated sometime in November and the Christmas ones once November kicks in :)

We're well on schedule folks ^^. (Well I am :P )

Update - Trapp 18 is now at edit. There is a high likelihood of you getting a uuber huge release of Trapp now...4 eps possibly more in one chewy Mamo-sized morsel.


Mwahahahah 19 is 1/2 done as of this morning. As long as things don't go awry I'll have 19 knocked off soon and that'll be a 5 ep queue :)


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