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well as i noticed no much ppl are interested on helping me out.
well i will do alone this project and i will not forgive ur fasub and also here where i live this anime dont have license so dont scare but if u want to delet ur credits ands stufs only say me

hi guy
as u can read i dont know to much japanese but i can read and talk english
i think the admins and all of here will ask why i want to do this

well i get here for ur project You`re Under Arrest second season
great job in that guys btw

well geting to the point there was a fansub named Chikara no fansub that "stole ur work" and make the translation to Spanish
well i want to make the Spanish fansub coz they drop the project when the 3rd season was released and so much ppl of my talking lenguage cant see this anime and also others 1
if u can help me out i will be loyal as well the spanish comunity need some help

thx for any reply of this, i hope as it saids in the rules that the job of our hearths will make this a great step for us who like anime

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