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General Forum / VFR (No, nothing to do with aircraft.)
« on: April 07, 2008, 07:20:51 pm »
I know that L-E doesn't use VFR (variable frame rate encoding), so this has nothing to do with L-E. I just need to understand something "more better".

DVD's often (too often) have hunks of 30fps content sprinkled into otherwise nicey-nice 24fps content. The most common case is where the credits and/or studio bugs at the beginning of a dvd are 30fps.
When ripping these dvd's, the best solution is to drop and dupe frames to get the 30fps bits down to 24fps. This doesn't always work out, for a variety of reasons.
One solution, which is container specific (and I believe only implemented in mkv and mp4 containers as of now) is to include hints in the container that make it possible to handle the changing framerate. This is, AFAIK, the most common application of VFR. Some fansubbers do this, and it is usually transparent when the files are viewed on a computer.

Where it becomes a problem is when someone wants to either repackage the content into an avi container for viewing with a divx compatible hardware dvd player, or re-encode the content to make it playable as a dvd (hopefully NOT so that they can sell it on ebay).

Finally, we're up to the part where I ask the question... Is there a simple strategy for transcoding VFR content from mkv/mp4 containers? I once (this sort of thing always works the first time... then never again) converted the whole mess to 30fps, and it came out fine. For some reason, this doesn't always (read as "almost never") works. Has anybody else figured out a way to deal with this?! My TV is MUCH bigger than my computer monitor...

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