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General Forum / Bot list - Yay!
« on: December 17, 2006, 04:41:04 am »
I have to say the new botlist is really great, makes everything so much easier. Especially people who are new to IRC etc.

Kudos to Tsubasa for taking the time and effort to help a lot of leechers out!  :D

Anyone who haven't noticed it's here:

General Forum / Cooking anime - help my alzhimers
« on: November 17, 2006, 01:07:23 am »
Ok, so i watched a few fansubbed episodes of a great anime a few years ago. Allthough the anime in itself was way older.

the plot was that a young man, a great chef, but an amazing slacker when it comes to work. And this young woman working at a newspaper go out and do all sorts of crazy stuff. And it's all composed around food. With the great morale being that you should use fresh vegetables etc. when cooking. They also get the mission of composing "the greatest meal" or something like that.

This is all I remember, anyone who can help me with a name and perhaps somewhere that has subbed this?
I know it wasn't licensed back then, and I seriously doubt someone has licensed it now, I think it was 180 episodes of 12-15 year old anime.

Anyway if you have some clues, shout!


PS: the queen is allowed to reply even if she havent got anything to contribute with. Her presence is a reward in itself  :D

General Forum / Fansub - technical
« on: November 02, 2006, 07:33:38 pm »
Anybody have a link, or the patience to explain what exactly the various steps of the fansub process are.

These steps are mentioned in the FAQ:
Translation -> Timing -> Editing -> Typesetting -> QC encode -> QC -> QC implement -> Final Encode

What kind of programs and prcesses do a episode go through before it goes to distro?

(I truly hope I left anything that could trigger a "who has the biggest accesories" debate)  :P

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