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Yes, I got them. A big thanks to everyone who were seeding these files!  :)

Hi! Would it be possible for someone to seed these two Captain Harlock SSX episodes?


I haven't checked up on Live-evil subs for a long time so I'm a bit late at downloading these. Any help would be very appreciated!  :' <

General Forum / Re: 3rd Annual L-E Banner CONTEST!!
« on: December 31, 2008, 07:12:09 pm »
Umm, wanted to try my hand at banners :-[ They're nothing special but here they are anyway. Both are SSX themed.


Hi there,

Video Lan Player doesn't support formatted subtitle tracks, so you will need to select the unformatted track. I would recommend using Media Player Classic with the CCCP pack installed.


My hero! :D It worked and now I can finally read the subs. Thank you very much.

I'm sorry if this question has been asked before or something. I did try to search the forum if someone has had same kind of problems but didn't find anything.

So I have problems with Captain Harlock (the mkv episodes). I started watching the episode one, but I can't see the subtitles at all. I am using VLC player to play them. Any idea why it is acting like this?  ???

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