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Current & Future L-E Projects / Ask Dr. Rin Status
« on: September 12, 2005, 11:59:25 am »
Hope this is allowed (if not I'm sure the mods know what to do  ;D ), but I'd like to enquire about the status of Ask Dr. Rin ... and no I don't mean when is the next release ... just your re-assurement that live-evil is still working on it. It's kinda old school anime (imho anyway), but I like the easy pacing and I'm a sucker for romance stories so I like it a lot.

Initially I was getting the stuff from Kuonji, but after L-E sort of reactivated this projected they dropped of the planet so I got L-E's stuff instead, but after episode 6 it's been eerily quiet and it was just getting good.

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