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I am still on the irc channel ban list. 


Could you please unban me.  Sorry again for my mistakes.


punishment understood and accepted.  was just trying to offer an explaination not an excuse.  "to err is human" and i exercised my humanity.  no harm is or was intented. 

oops sorry mikala.  since i was just attached to the server and not to any channel i didn't know if the pm's were being received.  i assumed incorrectly that you were not receiving the pm's since i had no reply to them on my end.  no harm or spamming intended.

I was banned from #live-evil because I made a mistake and thought you could do an @find.  I understand my error and will not repeat it.  Please un-ban me from your channel, as I have repent for my errant ways.


Local host: (


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