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Live-eviL Recruitment Center / Come QC for Live-Evil!
« on: July 09, 2006, 09:23:52 pm »
Do you like You're Under Arrest, Shion no Ou, Detective Academy Q, and the other Live-Evil projects? Would you like to get involved in fansubbing?

We need more QCers! The quality checker's purpose in life is to watch an episode and nitpick. We ask you to find any errors in translation (any that are easily detectable at least), editing, timing, typesetting, and encoding. It's a great way to learn about fansubbing and to start getting involved. Benefits include watching pre-releases and bitching at ops when they screw up.  ;)

The primary requirements include competency in modern-day english (spelling, grammar, syntax and diction), as well as the ability to play those video types used by L-E. A passing familiarity with VDub, Aegisub or Substation Alpha is handy but certainly not necessary.

All potential QCers, please please please read this page before applying, as that will be our first question to you!

If you feel up to the task, pm tlynnec (aka. tlynnec|LLE) either here in the forums or in the IRC channel (#live-evil on or email

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