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 :'( Sad Narumi is sad and wondering if Trapp will ever come again.

Suz, I take it you need translation? Im not sure of what help I can be there sadly as I know my Japanese isnt up to a translating par (not taking class in 2 years dont help either @_@) Im not sure what I would be able to offer in hopes of moving this along as well. This is one of my fav series as well, and would love to see it to its end

I have done all I can with Trapp for over 400+ days waiting patiently yet un-able to move, I will not point fingers, I will not name names. The responsible person and/or persons who have been delaying Trapp ( one of my favorite projects) for so long know who they are. I have also informed the prev mentioned some time ago now, that I have set a deadline date of 1/1/11 before I take what ever corrective measures needed to get this project moving again, for at that date, it will be 1 year, 3 months, 27 days since any activity.  :-\ :'(   

I do not really want or wish to do this, but on the other hand I want to get this project moving again, so at that date I will do what many others have been suggesting to me to do.


so did they ever choose a winner? O_O or did it die?  :'(

:'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

sighs heavily

you and me both ;_; I wish there was a way I could help it along... but i know after two years out, my Japanese aint up to par anymore ;_;

Im curious too XD  ??? [:cupra]

 [:cupra] I know I will be beaten for asking...*hidey* but any idea of when the next ones are due out? :3

ok soo... who won?  [:hello]  ;)

And I know its stalled (or last I checked) I hope its ok to use the snow queen :3
lots of sparkly goodness <3


aand were off!~ <3

Winter Sonata goodness  [:burtonsnowboard]

::Fullsize:: (since Im assuming forum limits it lol)

So doing this this time around :3

 [:jar jar] Thanks to the LiveEvil staff for this one and for all the work on this series! silly as it sounds this made my Christmas a bit happier  :3

will the next two (i know they are xmas themed) be out in time for the holidays? :3  [:cupra]

gumbaloom your awesome :D I saw the front page and trapp wasn't listed and got a bit worried :x
thanks again! ;D

*happy squeek* thank you thank you to the staff for getting this one out! :D  [:perchut2] ;D

*noses* myuu? not to be a pain in the butt, however; any word yet? I hope this one doesn't get dropped :<

My Japanese is a little rusty after taking a year off but I took class for about 2 years of it, does LiveEvil need some help with this one to help nudge its speed along?

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