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Except for the Pig / Re: Small Animal News
« Last post by Sindobook on October 15, 2015, 08:53:11 am »
Yes.  Since May.  He was classified as a Class C back then, now he is a Class B.  For distant threats, it is 'track only', the bunny brigade leaves the handling of snakes like that one to local groups.


No idea.  The bunny brigade is efficient by necessity.  Remember, a snake can kill a bunny in a second, while 4 bunnies might be able to kill a snake in 10 seconds, and only if they cooperate well.  Nature is asymetric, so the tactics are, out of necessity if nothing else.


By all indications, yes, it was a front for the neighborhood cat gang.  But even the cats involved, they didn't want to be associated with the gang once it was outed.  So they all jumped ship at once, leaving the poor kitty that Cat P had appointed to take a fall. 

"Death came quickly, and the [bamboo tower] came down shortly after.  Nothing remained, and the whole affair was quickly forgotten.  Cat P disavowed the whole thing, a few cats perished, and several others left the gang.  But what's that to them?" - from Ling Ling, a Panda informant, to Chelsea, of the Bunny Brigade.


I don't know much, there is plenty of information there, but most of it contradicts itself in one way or another.

My intuition says that their front is messed up, ie. someone took the funds and ran, they know who did it and they are trying to get the funds back.  But there's nothing in the bank now, and nothing is certain.  My rationale is this:  They would have fixed the problem if they could have, the only way the explain this is that they can't fix the problem right now, but believe they will be able to in the future.  But being uncertain of this (being able to fix it), it's 'cover your ass' time and no one wants to seem at fault.  So, no one is talking, b'cos right now, no one would like the answer.  Sounds like cats, but I don't know, the top level was always kinda suspicious.

If you want sinister, perhaps their supporter was a double like snake E.  He planned to use it to bring him more victims, but when his plans fell apart, he pulled his support along with the funds that he had promised.  So, they were left with no way to keep the promises they made. 


Good, few problems, pretty much exactly how something of that size should work.  A lot more than I can say for other (similar) things.

While I wasn't able to talk with all those who I wanted to, I talked to a sufficient number of people throughout the day, so I am satisfied with that.


Not much new information, honestly, I haven't spent much time on this.  They run a pretty tight ship but it will start to leak sooner or later.  Reports indicate that some have already jumped, and are already talking to others in secret.  Whatever secret they are trying to hide must be pretty big, and it's not like this whole thing is going to go away anytime soon.


I talked to Ling Ling today and this is what she said (paraphrased).  The captain (cat Y) abandoned ship several days ago, in the dark of night.  He left his crew behind, and that ship is sinking fast. 


Yes, though I do not know the reliability of the source, he likely is who he says he is.  The fact that he removed his message a few hours after posting it probably means he had second thoughts about posting the information; of course by then, it was already too late.

The points he discussed include:
1) By the end, it was obvious the cats owed more funds than they could afford to pay out.
2) They could not afford to pay their own core cats, much less the mercenaries they had retained and the other cats they owed funds too.  They paid out as much as they could, but they ran out of funds.
3) Some of the mercenaries simply started to take funds straight from the core cats.
4) Regardless, the mercenaries are still owed funds equivalent to roughly 200,000 carrots (or more) and they are kinda pissed off about it.


The thing is, few cats are left who know much, and those who are left aren't talking.  There are whispers of secret messages from Cat Y, presumably in hiding as he has not been seen since.  Presumably, it is a dire situation, and one that will only get worse.


To the person who asked that question, first, I think you're a bit confused.  Any relation to one of our bunnies is purely coincidental.  Overloading or such.

Nor should it be forgotten, that one of the mottoes of the brigade is (translated) "if I should die, let it be decided in battle".  Like many sayings, there is a double meaning here.

Our bunnies would never do that type of thing, at least not while they are part of the brigade, much less a HVA.

As for the topic at hand, no, my guess would be no relation.  Now this has been a while, long ago, around 36 (cat) years ago.  I did jobs with Panda A once or twice, he seemed like a good guy, and he always treated my friends well.  So I'll take his word over the rest of them. 

While information is sketchy, I'd guess that it's not related to that at all.  I was only clued onto this by one off-hand remark that led to my investigation.  Yes, they had a presence with the movement, but that's about it.  That is beside the point.  Despite all that grandstanding, the more obvious reason shouldn't be ignored.

Nor do I take the predominant western view when it comes to that topic.  It can be an escape, or not.  It can be honorable, or not.  Generally we despise it, but, it doesn't have to be that way.  It really depends on the person.  Remember the story of Setsumi.  A sad story, but not b'cos of that.  It is far more likely that this story is similar to that one rather that what those people would make it out to be.  That's really all I can say here.  Beyond that, I would recommend contacting the panda directly, and not the others.
General Forum / Re: How fast is your internet?
« Last post by mamochan on September 08, 2015, 04:04:30 am »
Here's mine :D

General Forum / Re: How fast is your internet?
« Last post by suzaku_nomiko on September 08, 2015, 03:59:22 am »


General Forum / Re: the forums are dead!
« Last post by suzaku_nomiko on August 31, 2015, 07:35:27 pm »
The Mukuro Naru Hoshi, Tama Taru Ko tends to do tat :O
Current & Future L-E Projects / Re: Queen Millennia
« Last post by Zentron on August 23, 2015, 04:06:14 am »
I've missed most of this series, but then, I've not downloaded any anime in the last 2 years!
General Forum / Re: the forums are dead!
« Last post by Zentron on August 23, 2015, 01:24:05 am »
Used to be quite bustling back in the day :'(
General Forum / Re: the forums are dead!
« Last post by suzaku_nomiko on August 07, 2015, 04:34:45 am »
you killed them all
General Forum / Re: the forums are dead!
« Last post by soxonoxon on July 29, 2015, 01:40:20 pm »
**pokes with stick**
Current & Future L-E Projects / Re: Queen Millennia
« Last post by Vash on February 28, 2015, 12:56:39 am »
Congrats on finally Releasing ep 20 & 21.
Keep up the good work!
Except for the Pig / Re: Small Animal News
« Last post by Sindobook on February 09, 2015, 08:33:14 pm »
Yes, I would say high probability.

From Mikey, "All indications and intelligence points to yes."

A rescue squad, and a secondary reinforcement or support team, is being formed.  They will be ready in a few weeks.  Hopefully neither of them will actually need to be used.

I don't know about the rest, Samantha is in charge of the rescue squad, and I don't know who is in charge of the reinforcement team.  But, I'm sure it will come together.  In all likelihood, this will begin around March.

Around the same time, Mikey expects to carry out another operation to relocate the HVA to a more advantageous position.

"Neighborhood cat gang territory has been collapsing.  This next stage goes beyond an escort, it's ..."


The reason is that roughly a week or two ago, the critical computer was destroyed by rats.  I'm told that there were no data backups and that with budget constraints, the neighborhood cats can't afford to purchase another computer to replace the one that was lost.  So, they're kinda stuck right now. 

No group has actually claimed responsibility for the rat attack, but Mikey said it's likely it was a special attack team sent by one of their enemies.  "Without control over their territory, rats can simply scurry right up to their base.  All they need to do is find a way in, and then use a diversion to draw the cats away from the intended target.  Whatever animal sent these rats, they set the gang's propaganda back at least a few years, among other things." - from Mikey


I will say that it is simply an effort to take advantage of a weakening enemy.

"Everything is up for grabs.  In the next year, we'll see how the gang holds up against not one, but two prominent commanders." - from Mikey

As I've already outlined, the gang has no resources to control it's own territory.  They can only operate within their own base.  Their answer to their current troubles has been to pull back and stay within their fortifications for their own safety.

This has a number of negative consequences.

With no hunting grounds, they are forced to rely on their owners for food.

Without territory, their protection income has fallen to nothing. 

They can't leave their base, hence it is difficult to increase their numbers or recruit anyone of note.

From within their base, Cat P recognizes that the loyalty and competence of those who belong to the gang is very poor, and constantly tries to improve this.  But there is little he can do since the income the gang receives is very little at this point. 


1) Yes, this was a thing.  But they didn't know about it at the time.  Though they were fooled, their fate was already sealed by the finances.  I don't know whether they learned of it before the collapse, or not.  But I'm sure they know now.

No loss, it was run by people who were involved in a lot of dark things to begin with.  You got to know what side you are on, and most small animals are on the side of [that person].

For the record, no one has any idea of the Chinchilla's name.

2) This generally doesn't happen, I mean, they are generally just chased away.  Or, they might even be kept around, if they provide some advantage.  Some animals can be quite noisy[1], so having a past history like that can be useful.

[1] as in, they "love to run their mouth" or just "babble on" about this or that. 


I don't know what happened, and I honestly don't care what happened.

From Mikey, "That apple has already fallen off the tree [1]."

Which I agree with.  That said, try to keep a low profile / blend in, don't stick around to one place, keep moving.  As always, keep an eye out for cats.

Just b'cos neighborhood cat gang territory has receded, doesn't mean there won't be any cats.  There are still locals, and something might have them on the edge.  You never know with those guys. 

[1] Figurative:  Plans of that magnitude, once set in motion, one becomes powerless to be stop.  Similar in concept to the human expression "That ship has already sailed" or "The train has already left the station."


Have to learn how to take it with a grain of salt.  Outside of the gang, rumors of discord are frequently manufactured, but they rarely live up to reality.  The reverse is true within the gang, rumors are relative harmony are often put to rest by glimpses from the inside.  But that is well documented.

That is not to say that rivalries or discord exists between the forces that fall under these commanders.  But, it's mostly just the drones that feel that way, not the ones who can think for themselves.  Though, thinking for yourself is not exactly a prized ability in the followers.


It's best described as a logistical problem, they've made some efforts to get the system back up and running again, without any success.  And even if they did manage to do that, they'd still need to find a cat they could trust to do their bidding.  And trust is at an all-time low among the cats in the gang right now.


I don't know what the next step is.  I don't know how much sense this makes irl, but in the dream I had, they chose not one, but two of them.  So if I had to make a prediction, that would be it. 


This is simply the first of the spoils of the collapsing territory of the neighborhood cat gang.  As is said, "take the opportunity to pilfer a goat".  Plenty more is coming as the small animals advance into what was once the territory of the gang.

I don't know how much, b'cos I don't handle those types of things.  But even if it's just symbolic (I think it's more significant than that), it's a start and showing that they can hold territory that once belonged to the gang.


The answer is already out there.  I only know as much as everyone else knows.

From Mikey, "A little mouse told me that this[1] was the plan all along."

From Samantha, "They probably figured, if you're going to eat that many carrots, you better get something for it."

[1] "We'll find out who's casted as what after lunch."  Though somewhat ambiguous, that at least somewhat hints at the outcome. 

Think about it.  It's possible the small animals are wrong on this one, but I think there's more chance they're right than wrong.


Quite simply, their (nonexistent) territory doesn't cover that anymore.  They have no leverage to force those cats to do things their way.  Cats are selfish, they're going to do what they can get away with, and then some. 

The situation on the ground has changed, the days when the gang could enforce it's own protection agreements are long over.  Cat P loves to make threats, but at the end of the day, they are empty, impotent threats. 


This is desperation, you can bet he'll try again in a few days.  And I can already say that it won't be successful.


If we have to go back that far, the turning point was around 30(?) cat years ago with the first big revolt.

That was the first big hit, and after that, it's been a slow and steady decline since then. 


The reason I was laughing was b'cos, while I meant it at a joke, a lot of people took it quite seriously.
I mean, that kind of stuff can only hurt you if you believe it can. 


Soon, but there are certain "logistical concerns" that must be figured out before it can begin.
So, please wait for a short while.


Don't ignore the most obvious explanation:  "That there is none.  Simple as that."

If they had something to talk about, they would have already.  But the gang has been collapsing from the inside just as their territory collapses from the outside.


What is happening is combined maneuvering.  The grass and other vegetation in the areas to the west of the gang has become all but depleted, so two main groups of small animals, even some rebel cats, are circling the gang's base to the south till they reach the eastern front.  In the meantime, an allied group of small animals to the south is directly advancing toward the gang's base.  Once everyone is in place, all three groups will be well supplied, and within striking distance of the gang's base. 


I knew it.  Don't ask me how I knew.  I just kinda figured it out beforehand.  It was basic intuition.  I wasn't the only one.

Bunny R was injured hopping around some stairs.  He mis-timed a hop and about a third of his body landed on one stair, the other two thirds was out in the open.  He rolled and hit his head and kept rolling.  He suffered a severe concussion and had to withdraw from the bunny brigade.  He moved out of their hutch (#297) and back in with his owner so he could recover.

Over several [cat] years he recovered to most of his ability, though it's unlikely he'll ever be a frontline member of the brigade again.  Hutch #297 used to be little more than a periphery base, but with the maneuvering as of late, it is currently being used as a resupply base and will likely continue to be so for the near future. 


It's interesting, kinda, but doesn't really say much.  I guess it explains two recent happenings though.

I don't know what this means for all the (outside) players in the future.  But I do know, those within the bunny brigade will be protected.  For those outsiders, the brigade doesn't really concern itself with such things.


I would not assume it is about _that_.  In fact I would guess it is about something else altogether.  Everyone leaps to the conclusion that it was some kind of super dramatic thing involving that bunny (was it, bunny S?) from the old gang, but in truth, once you know, these things are often yawners that leave you with the same feeling you have after staying up late at night to finish a bad movie. 


Yes, and it is old news.  Almost 3 (cat) years ago, the cat was captured.  After extensive interrogation, he broke and revealed most of his accomplices.  But, there's a lot of those guys still on the loose, so this is an ongoing matter. 


Well, there's been a lot of moving around and shuffling lately.  Right now, the bunny brigade has two independent forward bases, and a skilled commander at each.  They have moved every few months, and additional moves are planned.  Among the bunny brigade's leaders, these are probably the most skilled.  There's other bunny brigade bases to the south of these, but those weren't really participating in this battle.


Sometimes when I read that stuff, I can't help but laugh.  It is so wrong.  People don't see the beauty of what he is doing, they are still thinking of him as a warrior rather than a commander.  A warrior thinks only of winning and losing, b'cos winning means survival, even fame and glory; losing means death, dishonor, or wasted effort.  A competent commander tries to position his force such that winning and losing do not matter.  Sure he, like a warrior, would always prefer to win, but with planning, strategy, support, economy, vision, propaganda, etc., he can still achieve the objective even if most/all the battles are lost.  That is how the best commanders think, they do not depend on winning battles especially when their forces are roughly symmetrical.

This is why the bunny brigade is doing what it is doing, people often fail to see the long-term of 3-5 years out.  They use a strategy of encroachment, of slowly inching forward and seizing territory that used to belong to the neighborhood cat gang, when the gang counterattacks or puts on a show of force, they dance, they evade, they maneuver, they pull back in one place while pushing forward in three other places.  They know the gang is desperate, fighting in the corner and with plenty of fresh troops, recruits and volunteers who used to live in territory that was once (and no longer is) neighborhood cat gang territory.  They know that the gang cannot sustain the fight long, their economy is very poor, they cannot extract enough funds to supply a force of that size from what limited territory remains, they have already spent their entire war chest on mercenaries and fortifications. 


Silence does not mean nothing is happening, I will say this since it is already public knowledge.  Things come in waves, and the first wave isn't even expected to succeed.  It's merely testing the boundaries, finding where the cats put up resistance and backing off before they can launch a counterattack.  The first wave is composed mostly of the expendable types, mercenaries, rabble, and others who are expected to run rather than to join in battle against the cats.  It's the second and third wave where the best, most capable animals are, these are the ones who expect to meet and fight against the cats in what is left of gang territory. 


Already described somewhat, but that is a large part of the issue.  He expects his unit to succeed a hundred percent in their attacks against the neighborhood cat gang, and expects to come out ahead when he sacks their base and seizes all their riches.  But the reality is that this statement is false on at least two counts, anyone in the bunny brigade can attest to this.  First, there really is no way the attack can succeed, they have nowhere near the numbers required, and they are already experiencing high levels of infighting with the numbers they have.  Second, the neighborhood cat gang has no significant capital at all, the cats in the gang are living off whatever subsistence their owners provide them with, and little else.  What funds they had were spent on fortifications and mercenaries, there is simply nothing of substance left.
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