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Current & Future L-E Projects / Haikara san ga tooru
« on: November 01, 2013, 10:47:21 pm »

So I'm thinking about Professoring this up for you lovely people.

Comments ? - Good idea ? Bad Idea ?

Nobodies done it and I guess nobody has the inclination to considering there is no DVD raws but on the other hand reminds me of the old days when DVD's were thin on the ground and we were working off VHS caps for stuff..


A puzzle for any German speakers / Austrians on the board.

Theres a song upcoming in ep 16 which in Japanese is called Yama no gochisou which literally translates as Mountain Feast. I've found one name - Holdilia Cook but that hasn't translated in to finding original German or English translations yet.

The second verse talks about Ice cream and a spoon. First person who can tell me the proper German name of the song and provide a link to either an German or English translation gets a special thanks credit when we release episode 16.

Oh and we wanna get to ep 24 by Christmas as it's a Christmas episode but I won't spoil as it brought a tear to my eye when I first watched it ^^ <--- theres a link to the page with a midi of the tune.


General Forum / The g00mba live and loud in Nagasaki - Talk to me here
« on: October 01, 2007, 06:01:53 am »
Hello peeps,

Coming at ya live and loud from Nagasaki. Im still alive and kicking and Im not dead yet. With a bit of luck and a fair wind I will have a mobile today and hopefully windows messanger and maybe even IRC w00t.

Proper internets is going to take a little longer because well Japan is Japan but I will be back and bitching harder and louder than ever before so watch out bitches the g00mba might be incommunicado a little but hes definitely not dead.


4 <--- Oscar <--- Andre

Your credit card owns your sould if you like ROV + toys thinks me. Time to flash that plastic. Your chance to dress and undress Oscar and Andre has arrived!


Only a snip at $163 per doll BEFORE shipping XD


Subbed Death Note available right now folks for $1.99 an ep.

Get it while it's hot and it's LEGIT XD


P.S. No bitching about DRM this isn't the place for it, we're just doing our bit to encourage the purcahase of legitimate licensed products.

General Forum / Suggest / Design an Avatar for the g00mba!
« on: January 26, 2007, 10:16:09 pm »
Ok p33ps, heres a competition - suggest for me a (or design for me) a new avatar. I wanna see what your sick imaginations can come up with :o

When theres enough submissions there'll be a vote. Whichever wins will be my new avatar!. Yes I'm trusting you lot to pick me a good avatar >_>;;; (gets the tranquilizers ready)


Quick lil poll here.

As you know L-E and D-B's joint on Tsubasa dramatically failed on Tsubasa S2 of which 95% of the blame lies with Tofusensei.

It's not *that* long before the new (and final season) will be upon us in April. I was just curious to know how much of the fanbase wants us to do S3.

Just something to be aware of Tofusensei has not been seen on IRC for over 3 months now and has not actively posted here for some time.

So heres your chance to vote, would you like Tofu to come back and do S3 or are your allegiances now with another group ?. If so are you happy that we might not finish depending on Tofu.

Note if you want Tofu to come back send an email to to express your desire that he fansubs this series and maybe he might come back from the dead. Hence the title of this thread "Wanted dead or alive XD".


On the 24th September 2001 Live-eviL made it's first release. ex.Driver 01 was L-E's first release (of course it's licensed now)

Been a long time ne?

Does anyone here actually remember our first release? I've only been here for about 2.5 years.

So well umm talk amongst yourselves :O


Past L-E Projects / Mysterious Cities of Gold
« on: September 19, 2006, 10:46:16 am »
It's come to light due to a recent thread on AnimeonDVD that the show Mysterious Cities of Gold's licensing status looks very in question.

Yeah it got dubbed and everyone remembers that but it's been so long since it aired and the total lack of info / legitimate English DVD release / no knowledge of who owns the English righs or if they've expired has lead Animesuki to say that if someone subs it they will (unless someone comes forward and sends nasty C&D letters) consider it an unlicensed show and list it.

Hence I'm laying down the gauntlet. If any J->E tl'ers here love the show so much. If they volunteer their services as tl'er for it Live-eviL will sub Mysterious Cities of Gold with original Japanese audio track and direct J->E tl's and I will go out and buy the R2J's.

What says you all?

(Don't you start Tsubasa - I'm not gonna guesslate this I"m asking for tl help and it will only start if we get a tl'er volunteer :P :P :P)

General Forum / Will I buy Mac OSX 10.5 "Leopard" on release day?
« on: August 29, 2006, 12:12:28 am »
Ok so as you know I've know got a Macbook.

My question is, will I be one of the loyal crowds of the cult of Steve Jobs who lines up next Spring and buys OS X 10.5 "Leopard" and gladly hand over my $129 to further my indoctrination in to the cult of Apple.

Vote Now !


Current & Future L-E Projects / Tsubasa & Nana = DROPPED
« on: June 18, 2006, 05:31:14 pm »
Taken from the Home page


Live-Evil regretfully announces that both Tsubasa Chronicles and Nana are dropped.

First, for Tsubasa, Live-Evil will discontinue their participation in the project. Tofusensei, who was the only person from Live-Evil working on the project has been unable to keep his promises regarding getting things done on a reliable schedule. Dattebayo is willing to continue the project alone if a suitable translator can be found. For more details on this you can see Dattebayo’s press release on their site.

Second, It deeply saddens me to announce that Live-Evil is dropping Nana, a project that I personally enjoyed working on very much. Again, this is due to Tofusensei’s lack of participation in the project, for which he comprised 1/2 of the staff along with myself and Vash. Similar to Tsubasa Chronicles, Live-Evil does not have the resources to continue the project at this time. If you happen to be an extraordinarily skilled translator, contact interactii on rizon or etg, and we’ll see if perhaps we can work something out, but I’m not very hopeful.

I wish to apologize to all the fans who have wanted, in earnest, for our releases on these projects, and let me tell you I’m very disappointed in Tofusensei, who made continuous promises on these series, only to break them.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to check out our other projects, there’s some really exciting stuff going on, so stay tuned!


DB is giving a 1 week grace period for new translators to volunteer to continue both projects as DB solo projects. See interactii on rizon.

Discuss here ->


Hi folks,

Just so you know.

I am in the process of "persuading" Live-eviL to pick up The Trapp Family Story. A series from Nippon Animation in 1991.

For the uninitiated it's based on the same story that the Sound Of Music was based on and so you'll be able to experience the joy and laughter of seeing Maria and Vonn Trapp children all over again.

Of course Maria sings in this version too so expect lot's of nice songs :D:D:D:D

So far I have the first DVD(the official Bandai Visual ones not the bootlegs >_>)

This will be the first series that I'll be attempting translation on. The Japanese have full Japanese subtitles so it makes it easier for me as my listening skills are still not all that great.

Episode 1 is already translated by yours truly and waiting timing/editing/tl check. The OP/ED are well in to typesetting.

As I'm writing this I'm about 10 minutes in to translating Episode 2.

It's just a bit slow gowing transcribing the subs off the DVD so I can look up words in JWCPE but I'm getting there.

Well look forward to it =D


I can assure you that this series will not suffer the same fate as 3,000 Leagues as I own the DVD's and I'm doing primary translation =D (big hint to a certain someone to get their ass in gear)

Ok folks,

Here is the topic you've all been waiting for.

Which of Live-eviL's Anime Heroines would win in a battle to the death!

Cast your votes now and lets see who will be victorious. Remember you must justify why she would win and not just say she would! You have a maximum of 3 votes per forum registration.


Round One




Round One will last for two weeks from today and the bottom four will be eliminated from the duel.

NOTE - Leiji Matsumoto diehards need not vote in this poll

As the topic says.

Does our subbing of ultra popular shows like Tsubasa and Initial D 4th Stage make you interested in the more classic anime shows we sub.

Have you come for Tsubasa and then gone out and downloaded another show and actually enjoyed it ? Or do you just come here for your weekly Tsubasa fix and the leave without a second thought to anything else we sub?

Tell us what you think!


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