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Title: Are you interested in recruiting me? ???
Post by: vaxetihirr on December 23, 2009, 11:06:12 pm
Hi, my name is Jagjit Dusanjh and I'm a 30 year anime freak from the U.K.

I'm interested in becoming a piece of "fresh meat" LOL. I've read through your list of requirements in order to help you do what you do, and I would like to respond to each one of them.

-- Has been speaking, reading, and writing English for over 12 years and has a VERY good command of the language. Native speakers are highly preferred. (I'm native don't worry).

-- Can effectively check spelling and grammar, as well as suggest rephrasings of awkward sentences. (You will find out that I am EXTREMELY annoying and nit-picking in this respect.

-- Is familiar with common abbreviations such as: AM/PM, PST, EST, JST, etc. regardless of race/culture/geographical location. (Having been a torrent downloading type person for a while I have encountered all of these abbreviations and more).

-- Is 15 years of age or older. (This has to do with maturity.) (I'm 30, yay!)

-- Has a longer than average attention span. QCers frequently watch an episode multiple times before it is released. (Bring it on!)

-- Does not mind watching scenes with nudity in them. (Again, bring it on!)

-- Is not afraid of pissing any member off by suggesting changes for the good. (I can assure you, and ESPECIALLY from a distance that I am NOT afraid of putting my opinion forward.)

-- Can concentrate on more things than just the English in the subtitle. QCers also check all signs and on screen text, as well as watching for timing and encoding errors. (As far as this is concerned, I'm going to have to play the race card a little. I'm of Punjabi (Asian Indian) extraction and I grew up watching Bollywood films. Then I got into watching Oriental cinema and anime as well as English language cinema. I think watching so many different films and reading so many different subtitles, I honestly believe I have developed a knack for being able to tell almost immediately when a set of subtitles is good or bad. Also I have used Aegisub in the past to test subtitle the first 15 minutes of an episode of Star Trek Enterprise and was totally anal about it and got it perfect even though it took me hours. Having had a taster of the process and how tiring it is I really have come to respect fansubbers A LOT.)

In addition, to become a QCer for Live-eviL, you must also:

-- Be willing to QC any L-E show that needs it. (If you’re going to be picky about what shows you will QC, then L-E is not the place for you!) (No problem. It's your show and you're running it.)

-- Be able to use/willing to learn (how to use) IRC and idle in our channel(s) often (I already use XChat in Ubuntu. It's really simple for me to do this. I've been in various chatrooms.)

-- Be collaborative (I am interested in actually getting involved and it is blatantly obvious that collaboration is mostly the way forward. I say once again that I am willing to annoy in order to do a really good QC on an episode.)

-- Agree to the Live-evil Code of Conduct. (No applicant will be accepted who has not agreed to this code) (Once again, it's your show and you are the ones running it.)

What would I like to do?

Out of the 8 jobs listed in your FAQs, there are 3 that I would like to get involved with. Editing, QC-ing and Distributing. I would also consider trying to be a Timer as well if you really need that kind of thing. I've tried it and I really agree. You need BLEEP tons of patience to do it.

Unfortunately I don't have the subtitle file for that episode of Star Trek Enterprise. I got rid of it a while back. If you want me to try subbing something else (this would have to be in English) then I don't mind doing that.
Title: Re: Are you interested in recruiting me? ???
Post by: vaxetihirr on December 23, 2009, 11:07:18 pm
email address is
Title: Re: Are you interested in recruiting me? ???
Post by: emsko on December 28, 2009, 06:49:58 am
You'll probably have better luck going to the irc channel and asking there.  It may take a few hours to get a response, however.