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General Forum / Your favorite pen/pencil/writing utensil
« on: September 19, 2007, 03:56:41 am »
We could talk about keyboards instead, but... I dunno.  They're overrated. :p  Let's talk about pens and pencils.  Things you use to write with.

I usually swear by rollerball pens and mechanical pencils.  Pencil sharpeners get messy, and I like rollerball pens because they feel fluid when you write with them.  (Not a huge fan of ballpoints...)

As far as specific models go...  I got ahold of some Pilot Precise V5 RT pens today.  I'd say it's about a medium size barrel.  They barely weigh anything at all, but they write NICE.  The pen I was using before that was a Uniball Vision Micro.  Those pens... they'd keep their point at first, but it seems like after I wrote with them for a while they would lose their point and start writing thicker.  Then again I tend to apply a lot of pressure when I write, so maybe that's to be expected.

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