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Current & Future L-E Projects / Re: Warau Salesman (The Laughing Salesman)
« Last post by soxonoxon on September 17, 2014, 10:10:45 am »
I've been getting the episodes but haven't started watching yet. Are all the episode's stories separate from each other, or is it ongoing? Just wondering if I should wait a little longer before I start watching. I have plenty of other shows on my list, so no big deal if waiting would be better.

ps. it is taking me forever to figure out the new irc network, nothing I try seems to work... if this posts then I must have figured it out!

pss. I didn't figure it out, after at least 20+ tries, it gave me a different question. I haven't posted in the forums in awhile because of this question.
Leeching & Technical Problems / Re: Do you need a Live-eviL torrent re-seeded?
« Last post by soxonoxon on September 17, 2014, 09:46:22 am »
The Trapp Family Story, eps 1-24.
Only because some people don't like to offer back what they've taken :_(
General Forum / Re: How fast is your internet?
« Last post by soxonoxon on September 17, 2014, 09:39:08 am »

Time Warner vs. Charter...
General Forum / Re: How fast is your internet?
« Last post by bastard-sama on August 26, 2014, 09:31:31 pm »
so slow
Except for the Pig / Re: Small Animal News
« Last post by Sindobook on July 30, 2014, 11:03:42 pm »
This is still a recent happening, and [intelligence gathering] activities are ongoing.

According to Samantha, the [intelligence gathering] arm of the Bunny Brigade has been sifting through all the information and issued the following report.

"After an apparent snake attack, Bunny E was placed under the care of Long Shan, a Panda.  Her survival was questionable at first, but due to the expertise of Long Shan, she should be okay."

"A well-known snake was captured in the area and interrogated.  At this time it's not known if he was responsible for attacking her, or just contributed to her attack in some other way."

From Mikey -- "During Interrogation, his story didn't make too much sense.  That snake is hiding something, but it's hard to know what at this point."

I can't say this with any certainty, but it honestly wouldn't surprise me if this snake had some relationship with the neighborhood cat gang or it's ilk.  Everyone knows the gang is flailing right now and Cat P desperately needs some kind of 'win' try to stop the downfall or [negative momentum] that the gang has suffered from lately.


Because this is likely not the whole story, there is probably more here than just that. 

From Mikey -- "We don't know.  Not at this time."


While the vanguard is much weakened as far as  fighting force, recently they started to assert themselves in terms of political power.  Cat P's absence until recent times contributed to this, right now the vanguard has its own agenda and was even able to cajole Cat P into putting his ego aside and pawing out a letter outlining his commitments and micromanagement strategies to get the gang back on solid ground.  This started its own murmuring and growling throughout the gang, it's expected to bring back the loyalist - rebel infighting at a time when the gang is already falling apart in a number of ways.

From Mikey -- "Ironic that just three or four [cat] years ago their numbers were higher than ever.  Still this is a matter of quality over quantity.  It does not matter how many cats they can call their own when all the cats turn tail and run at the first sign of fighting.  It does not matter how many cats claim to be in the gang when they don't actually support the gang, they are just claiming membership at the time because it offered more advantages than not."

It seems like the vanguard could be setting up Cat P to take a fall, if they have not already made him into a scapegoat to to blame the problems the gang is having on.  What we are seeing, however, makes it obvious that the gang has become so large that it is collapsing from within. 


I can't say I know the answer to that.  Seriously it's a difficult question to answer.

The best way for me to say it is that sometimes things are done just because they should be done.  Not necessarily to reach some virtuous end, though that never hurts either.

How do you know what should be done?  Sometimes you just know.  Having the audacity to follow that, even when the end could be nothing to gain or end badly, is sometimes what people need to do.  Admirable.


This is the story with the 3-series.  After the initial run, another run known as the "3-series enhanced" was produced.  This was probably the most advanced set that I am aware of.  Used a modular type of design with lots of redundancy and distributed systems scattered all throughout the body.  The only major flaw with this design was the power generation; with power supplies distributed all over the body, disabling a few could cause systems to start failing.  If power was limited, systems were supposed to shut down in order of their importance, but this was not always the case.


Things are actually pretty quiet.  Maybe the cats are realizing it doesn't matter at this point -- saving their energy for the next kitty caucus (it always happens around September).  I except it will be another bloody one. 


To tell the truth, I am not even sure what is being talked about.

I think it may be just so that small animals are so accustomed to certain types of tactics that it is second nature to them.  So even if something like this were happening, they would be unaffected and quite possibly even unaware of it.


I think it's overkill.  Unnecessary actions should be avoided.  There isn't any objective there. 

Thoughts can be posted, but I won't respond to things I know nothing about. 


He tried, but ultimately failed.  Despite offering [the equivalent of] 80,000 carrots, he was unable to find a lackey who would assist him.  Being far too noticeable to do it himself, he gave up and saved his energy for the next opportunity.

About all he is doing these days is biding his time for the upcoming caucus.  If it means anything, this year the roster of the neighborhood cat gang was beyond 2000.  But only about 1200 were active during the summer, and when called up, only 700 appeared.  These numbers are far worse than prior years.  If the gang headquarters is attacked in earnest from the west or the immediate south, it is likely to fall.

However more than likely, their rivals just want territory. 


I don't get it, but okay.

I only know those guys, I don't know what goes into their decision-making. 

IMO they're about to find out the limits of that bunny's popularity.  I don't really know how far that goes.


It is a simple answer -- if you look at the bunny brigade, it is a lightfighter type unit.
They may not be the best equipped, because they sacrifice equipment for mobility.
They may not have vehicles, because vehicles can't go everywhere.
They may not be the most skilled or the best fighters, but you can be guaranteed they'll be the first on the scene anywhere where there's trouble.
They are at a disadvantage when fighting cats one-on-one, but they even the odds in numbers, tactics, morale -- fighting as a unit rather than just a single bunny. 

The cats of the neighborhood cat gang fear even single bunnies in part because of the psychological tactics -- if you ever see a single bunny, it is just a scout or a lookout.  More are sure to follow.


It is very confusing?  I don't think it's confusing at all.  Unless this concept is not understood.

A wise panda once said, "Once you recognize nature, there is no sense in denying it.  Accept it, embrace it, and use it for good."


I don't know the incident in particular but records show the bunny brigade was called and responded.

The pig is still alive and constantly goes on a soapbox about how mean and bad of a bunny she is, etc.  But everyone else just finds him odd. 


I honestly don't know all of the details, but this is the after action report.

The uprising peaked at a little over 3000 small animals, along with a smattering of other allied forces, mostly cats who wanted to fight the neighborhood cat gang.  There was no clear leader, in fact the one who was apparently in charge was largely ineffective; most of what happened was due to his second bunny in command as well as other supporters who had some pull among the small animals who were supporting the uprising.

There were reports that cats from the neighborhood cat gang were going to try to infiltrate and/or interdict, but there was no such action. 

It took about a day to raise up all the forces, and they then stood in formation and started the march on the neighborhood cat gang's main base.  However there were problems from the beginning.  The organization was poor at best, line commanders that were supposed to hold the formation together failed to do their job and it just became an angry mob.  The mob rushed in the general direction of the neighborhood cat gang's base, but due to a miscalculation or just the general chaos, they missed it by about a mile.  Some of the commanders tried to restore order, but their attempts only divided the rebels and even caused some of the rebels to turn on their commanders, who quickly perished.

Now the mob tried to correct course and charge in the direction of the enemy base, but most of the small animals were hungry for supplies which put a halt to the advance.  There were pigs, bunnies, hamsters, and the like running in every which direction, by then some started to abandon the rebellion and their numbers started to drop off significantly.  In the meantime, the neighborhood cat gang called off any active patrols and cats took up defensive positions all around their base.

Parts of the mob would reach the base, and when they regrouped one last time they had around 500 in total to attack with.  Seeing that things were hopeless, they called off the attack and the remaining small animals returned to base where most now had mixed feelings about the rebellion.
Current & Future L-E Projects / Re: Yadamon
« Last post by bastard-sama on July 26, 2014, 02:59:38 am »
and the backlog has been cleared a bit
Current & Future L-E Projects / Re: Queen Millennia
« Last post by TheBigCoreMk2 on July 23, 2014, 08:15:23 pm »
I too am looking forward to the continuation of this series. Speed isn't the issue, all I care about is it not being forgotten about! There is more in life than only fansubbing. So thanks L-E, the effort is appreciated.

Episode 15 is out!
Current & Future L-E Projects / New anime suggestions
« Last post by bastard-sama on June 23, 2014, 06:41:10 am »
Do not make a new post every time. Use the suggestion post. I will start deleting them when I see them.
Except for the Pig / Re: Small Animal News
« Last post by Sindobook on May 19, 2014, 11:00:46 pm »
When Cat A took over the gang, most of Cat P's former minions switched sides just like that.

Perhaps it was Cat A's notoriety among small animals that caused other cats to follow her lead without a thought.  Or perhaps it was her allure, among the toms[1], she had a lot of support.  Cat T (T.l), who rarely showed interest in other cats, seemed to take a special liking to her, catering to her every whim.  Cat A quickly earned the title of 'queen', and while she flaunted this title, she rarely did much or otherwise exercised her power.

Surprisingly there were no purges under Cat A's reign, with many tacitly acknowledging that she was high on catnip for most of the time.  Ironically, the normally backstabbing, manipulative, and ruthless cat that had led the effort to purge many from the gang also had one of the most uneventful reigns, short as it was.

[1] male cats.


This is misreading, the term "escort" is only used in the purely operational sense.  It has none of that meaning when used by small animals.

And the operation was completed some months ago, without incident.  Probably largely due to a diversionary raid led by Samantha.

"We didn't know it at the time, but Cat A was running the gang at that time.  That would explain the very slow response of those cats in phase 3.  We expected heavy resistance in phase 5, but actually managed to slip through their security line on the northern border undetected.  And by the time those hapless cats realized we were long gone, it was too late. 


Not true, he has plenty of social skills, he just chooses not to use them most of the time.


With Cat A in power, the gang's command structure simply evaporated.  The winter time has historically been slow for the gang, as the winners of the election seek to consolidate their power and secure allies in secret for the big push during the spring and summer seasons.  However, with Cat A in charge, absolutely nothing happened as she and a large portion of the cats in the gang were either high on catnip or simply swooning over her and trying to attract her attention.

On the outside, these were dark times for the gang.  Garrisons and Patrols within their territory all but ceased, since they had neither supplies nor the will to conduct them.  All around, their borders were collapsing, at least in three of the four directions.  To the west, Cat P had made peace with their rivals when he was in charge, so this border remained stable. 

Unable to defend their territory, enclaves of small animals, stray dogs, and others started to appear within internal areas they still claimed as theirs, but were unable to control.  They could not send out patrols or parties to counter them.  What limited stores they had left were raided, leaving cats that had once grown fat off wild food forced to depend on their owners supply of second-rate, dry cat food. 

This state motivated the gang's rivals to take advantage of the situation and they started to develop their own plans for long-term expansion, primarily at the expense of the gang.  Most of these rivals were on good terms with each other, so they simply divided sections of the gangs territory among themselves.  Even today, these plans are in motion and the result is sporadic fighting. 


Yes, intelligence reported this yesterday.

The bunny brigade and the other individual security forces are aware.  But they honestly can't do much until something actually happens.  They're definitely watching for it, though.

Honestly, a lot of the forces are not even going to be there.  With only a skeleton crew, resources are pretty limited; they can't really afford to get involved in every potential or 'virtual' problem out there.

Most likely, it will be suppressed before it even starts.  Bunny brigade has shown ability to adapt and act quickly in the past, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. 


It was just discovered today.

After disposing of Cat A and taking back control of the gang, Cat P attempted several attacks on his enemies to the south.  However all of them were beaten back, and after repeated losses morale was too poor to carry out any more attacks.


It's actually a bit more complicated than that, you have to admit that [deleted] bunny has never been any good when it comes to diplomacy.  She tends to make any situation worse through her abrasive nature.


I don't think so.  While it is certainly in decline, the gang has also proved itself resilient over the years.  Many believed it was dead about one (cat) generation ago, but it managed to bounce back.   But everyone knows that things will never be the same for them, their glory days are long past.  It used to be their leader held real power, in that he could give an order and cats would follow.  Today, in the last 6 (cat) years, they have not won a single battle with any of their foes, and the infighting gets worse and worse.

From Samantha:  "Defectors from the gang have been expecting that the purging this year will be worse than any other year to date.  But nobody fears the gang's leadership anymore.  Being removed from something that is ineffective to begin with, what is there to fear about that?"


Cat A's reign would end only a couple of [cat] years after it began.  Cat A reportedly passed out due to overdosing on a "bad batch" of catnip.  There was a fight for her position, but most of the contenders appeared spaced out or otherwise incapacitated, probably due to the same thing.

Cat P showed up late in the battle and declared himself victorious at a time when most cats were either unable or unwilling to fight.  Many suspected him for poisoning the catnip in the first place, but there was no clear evidence how this took place, so most of the cats just kept their mouth shut.

Some general order was restored to the gang, patrols could function once again, and cats were no longer relegated to having to eat dry food or whatever little subsistence their their owners would provide them with.  Cat P had been restored to his position, but his actual power was very questionable, and the gang had lost a lot of territory to its rivals and had rebellions pop up within its own boundaries that had grown too large to suppress with any quick action. 


Yes this is true.  Before losing power, around 3-4 [cat] years ago, Cat P tried to negotiate with a number of groups to stabilize the gang on several fronts, but ultimately failed.  He did however manage to negotiate an understanding with a smaller gang to the west, but even that agreement is now called into question due to several factors.

The most significant of the two gangs, referred to hereafter as 'B' and 'C', refused to negotiate with Cat P directly due to his reputation among most cats.  They did offer to negotiate with some former members of the gang that Cat P had purged over a [cat] decade ago, but despite his begging, Cat P couldn't get those guys to help him.  So the alliance was pretty much off.

During the [cat] years when Cat A was in control, the gang lost vast swathes of territory, much of which could have probably been abated by reaching an understanding with their rivals.  Another thing that became obvious was that Cat P had earned such a negative reputation among other cats that few would even spend time to listen to what he had to say.  When Cat P took back control of the gang from Cat A, the position he got back was largely symbolic, he quickly found he holds little actual power and the gang itself functioned more like a chaotic mob rather than any kind of force.


All I can say at this point is we have no substantive idea of his status.
Heard a few things but haven't been able to confirm anything.

From Mikey:  "Everything we've heard isn't good, in his respect, that is.  A lot of people have been saying the cat went 'off the rails' or 'full tilt.'  But we're trying to get confirmation.  Every single source gives a different story.  These [rats] aren't the most reliable sources, and there's really not a lot of small animals who could get close or cats that were close enough and talking."

From Samantha:  "Rob said that he had gone into full paranoia mode, blaming a newly created gang of about 25(?) animals to the south for everything.  Apparently a master hacker was able to take down their network for several hours, Cat T.a made the claim, probably to cover his own incompetence but Cat P latched onto it.  Once the network was back alive, Cat P claimed that the supply routing had been infiltrated by the enemy and bogged down, in reality it is simply suspected that the supply vehicle was [stuck in traffic].  Another rat close to Cat P said he was also going [full paranoid delusional] but could not comment any farther on how or what his [delusions] were targeting."

From Albert:  "His next action could trigger a full revolt.  One thing we know is that Cat P is planning a substantial purge in the near future, which might be a poor [tactical] decision considering the state that the gang is in."


While the neighborhood cat gang is experiencing several uprisings within its own territory, probably the most significant at this time is one slightly to the south, within striking range of their main base.

From Mikey:  "Their ranks grow every day, currently almost a thousand small animals in all; even though it is little more than a disorganized mob, there is much gnashing of teeth and with every attack by the neighborhood cat gang, they have gained ground and grown in number.  Nearby cats within the area of this uprising seem to have a policy of ignoring the uprising and even attacking cats from the gang when they dare to venture nearby, so it's likely the two groups at least working in common interest."

From Samantha:  "It's said that several prominent bunnies are assisting them, but how much and in what capacity is anyone's guess."


In their defense, their supply lines were hideously long[1].

Even loyal troops who could have possibly made a difference could not get to where they needed to be in time.  Instead they had to rely on mercenaries and not exactly top dollar mercenaries at that. 

[1] Around 5 miles long, and the only vehicle they had to service them was a mini countryman.


The Vanguard is weak, they have poor combat ability and readiness.  Only one cat that is still capable of managing anything.

Cat P recognizes the sorry state of his organization, but does very little to fix anything (not that he could even if he tried).  The gang has serious problems with territorial integrity right now, morale is poor and finance is only barely in the black. 

Any extra money is spent on mercenaries, because right now the gang does not have any kind of fighting force worth mentioning.  All their rivals recognize their territory is up for grabs. 


This is still fresh, it just happened today (as far as I know).

Since several cat years ago, Cat P had negotiated an non-aggression pact with his western neighbor, a small but relatively tight gang of local cats.

At a time when the gang was losing territory, this helped the gang's forces since they did not have to defend their western border against their rival.

But in Cat P's absence, the gang as run by Cat A lost track of what was happening in the background.

While they sat idle, their territory collapsing on all other sides, their western rival also plotted and acted behind their back.

In one major operation, it served as an insertion point for known enemies of the gang[1].

When Cat P returned, the pact still stood, however he became incredibly suspicious due somewhat to recent events, but mostly due to his paranoia.

Still he could not afford to station combat units on the western border.  What limited forces he had were needed for internal security matters.   And the gang was already bankrolling as many mercenaries as it could afford.

And then today, the opening shot.  The gang to the west all but revealed that their cats were also actively supporting a gang to the south that was in active contention with the neighborhood cat gang over territory.

From Mikey - "It started as a proxy war.  Roughly one [cat] decade ago, a gang to the south allied themselves with the neighborhood cat gang.  But the tides quickly shifted, and things turned sour.  Most of the cats rebelled, rallying behind their own leader and fighting began in earnest roughly 4 [cat] years ago."

"Now it was probably happening all along, but it turns out that the tripartite coalition consists of the rebellion group to the south, another uprising of now more than a thousand small animals in the heart of neighborhood cat gang territory, and the group to the west that the neighborhood cat gang had made a non-aggression pact with.  All have been working in concert, and it's likely been that way for several years."

[1] The operation led by Bunny A, described a few posts prior.
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