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Title: A "study" poll from the pig, see pigcast #57
Post by: Sindobook on July 18, 2008, 07:51:16 pm
In pigcast #57, the pig refered a poll to be used in a study, so here it is.  This poll should ONLY be answered by people who have bought, or still buy, fan-related "stuff" over the past several years.

Every option is a 'true or false' statement, vote for it if this statement is true.

"Stuff" could mean anything even remotely anime-related.

- Manga
- Cosplay gear
- Commercial releases
- Toys, figures, dolls, etc.
- Anime video games, or games that use the anime style (ie. Disgaea)
- Anything else you bought at a con or store, not including food or other necessities (unless it was anime-related food like cookies in the shape of anime or game characters)
- Anime art or products, wall scrolls, posters, T-shirts, pillows, towels, etc.